Let me offer you some extreme dose of Copium about Vykas

We will have a Loa on Summer event really soon, in the next 3 days, right?

What if, and bear with me and my copium, what if the event will have one of those moments when someone announces something cool and says:

“And you know what, this cool thing I just announced will be available in the game TODAY!

You know, a lot of events have these kind of moments, but what if the announcer add to their statement:

“And it will be available in ALL REGIONS TODAY

Annnnnd that’s why Vykas is being delayed, cause they are saving some surprise for Loa on?

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the COPIUM is strong with this one :smiley:


Don’t expect anything for us during the copium, except maybe a few words about the AMAZING number of players in our release

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careful, OD on copium is not good for your health

I keep telling my friends who play that I hope they do this with Aeromancer release just to watch everyone go nuclear meltdown mode all over Reddit and the forums.


it’s comin out tmrw.


Even with my high copium I would not expect Aeromancer, but maybe some cools event skins, mounts or something. Actually, I kinda of expecting we will not get Artist and Aeromancer at all in our version.

Don’t hold your breath man…

I don’t care when it comes out. I just want to watch all the piss babies cry.

I’m calling an ambulance for your copium overdose

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Let me cope with you

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Hello, doctor, I got a patient for you that is overdosing on Copium. I think they require medical assistance as well as some addiction therapy.

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who has more kool-aid??? pass it around pls

Wow…thats 10/10 copium. Nice optimism buuuuut AGS is kinda screwed here. The communication has been so bad it doesnt matter what they say anymore. I personally dont even care anymore. Patch notes in advance would be cool though