Let me start it: Compensation, lets propose them!

25x pheons
1x Punika Growth Pack
10 days aura
5x Consumable Chest
2x Aura of Resonance potion


I vote YES for it.

As long as 25x Pheons is in there I’m happy


you on crack no shot you getting that 100k silver take it or leave it

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i mean amazon maintenances lately were on time for too long compasention for this time shouldnt be expected tbh

Best I can do is 3x revive feathers, and 1/2 day crystaline aura rounded down.

Don’t forget Korean Compensation


And for what? Details pls??? Or are u just posting nonsense?

Support potion box, 200x luterra horn and 50 campfires

no matter how much people try we will never get that

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compasention? holy shit, the english is in these forums goes more and more down the drain. read a book, help yourself


A My Little Pony Mount. Or the Summoner.

please show a little compensation, sorry I meant compassion

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for 2 hrs ur cappin

at best 3x 3battle item chest and a 5day aura maybe a rapport box.

For free battle chest i never say no! :smiley:

iits nonsense, this was not compensation, it was the last LOAON reward pack they got. had nothing to do with compensation

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And the extra stuff we missed for not being able to do Chaos Gate and completely missed it for the day.

Assuming there is a chance for getting a Relic South Vern Map
So we need to add in another :
Chaos Stone x 10
Honor Shards (L) x 10
Level 5 Gem x 2
Gold 18k
Random Legendary Engraving Book x 1
Random Legendary Card x 1

scrap all the other shit and give me more pheons lol

I wana have some silver :c

only 2 hours, best you get is 3 feathers.

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