Let me understand something please, about guardian raids

Please let me understand, at the cost of recieving waves of hate again, i don’t care. So today happened twice that i used WW bomb and not pherormone bomb at Kungelanium, because in MM happened more times that stagger check was failed so i prefer to avoid that. Twice different people in diff groups flamed me and then completely left the raid rather than movin their ass to reach the boss again? completely left the raid. I used flare and whirlwind. And this happened to me twice with different people, so i completed the boss by myself in a bunch of minutes.

Seriously, are we at this point that people are so burnt out stressed out i dont know that rather than spending 1 minute to reach the boss they leave the raid completely? guys, if any of you is doing this, and reading this, better you stop playing the game.


Theres a few problems with this (battle item usage debate aside). First ww does not take the same slot as phero so it doesn’t necessarily replace the use of it. Second, failing stagger does almost nothing in terms of the length of the fight, it provides a brief window of cc to the boss at the start but really doesnt contribute much in terms of fight duration in comparison to the boss’s shield that is broken by destruction or the time of walking through the big map. Third, people don’t leave because of frustration of walking an extra minute, generally the thought process is they would rather take an extra minute so that people with a flawed (in their opinion) mindset causing inconveniences toward people dont keep getting by free.


Are you talking about the initial stagger?

Most new players will trigger Kungelanium without any map awareness. So the player is trying too hard to stagger at the start.

Like new players will trigger Caliligos and a huge portion of damage from the initital counterattack is lost because of it. Or some Hitmaster class dragging Caliligos at the corner of the map… because lack of map awareness.

I don’t see why anyone will be mad at the stagger… just a couple of free hits.

Maybe a gunslinger… is triggering the contact and leaving players behind?

Western player community just sucks. get used to it

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For kung i always pop a flare and bring ww for stagger checks and either corrosive or pheromone or destruction bomb if both pheros and corro is taken. That being said, people are just toxic. In reality you dont need any consumables. Its more to speed up the fight that people use corrosive and phero. It all depends on who youre playing with. This community in general is toxic and you should either ignore them or play by their rules. Sometimes people just dont know. At the very least a flare is nice to know where the boss is. Keep in mind these guardians barley pay out what you put into them in consumables. Caliligos is a good example. Using hp pots whirl winds destructions and pheros and you barley break even. But new players are treated very poorly in this game as a whole. Dont let it get to you.

Gotta love exaggerated bias. wwx2 = 80g, destructionx 2= 120g, blue hp pot x 5 = 65g = 265g
marvelous leapstone x 5 = 820g. = 309% profit off of battle item cost. In what way is this breaking even. This doesn’t include accessories, bracelets, or destruction/guardian stone.

Blue hp pot if you have support. Without support your burning 7 elemental hps especially if people dont do the mechanics right. Idk if you remember but when caliligos came out and everyone was trying at 1490 without supports it was almost always a failed attempt.

Ok, so I’ll run under your assumption(no one consistently is using 7 elemental hps unless ur god awful at the game regardless of support) but lets run under that assumption. Thats still 445g using ALL 7 in comparison to 820g off leaps alone. In what way is this breaking even

if you burn 7 elemental pots you have major skill issue and if you even use 5 blue pots you should go back to kunga

And if you wipe you lose all those consumables with no reward. And everyone knows 50% of caliligos groups on launch were a wipe. I still run kung regardless because i use entropy set on main. There are so many variables as to why your argument is bad and youve proven in the last comment to just be toxic so ill go back to ignoring your replies. Have fun dissecting everything everyone says and being toxic to them for it lmao

there are 2 different people… i am not the above post bruh lol

But also this is what you said

U weren’t even specifically referring to caliligos. The caliligos was only an example, so you cant use wipes as a reason to increase cost in terms of saying it “breaks even”

There are a lot of variables, but the issue is that these variables dont contribute because I’ve already given you the maximum benefit of the doubt in terms of additional cost variance. I’ve already raised from the average 240g to your unrealistic 460g through the use of 7 hp pots, you cant really spend more than that.

this really shows me that you didn’t do Cali at all you expect people week 1 to know mech/fight? there is a reason why people like you stay in kunga or deska at 1520+
you really need a reality check bruh

Absolute toxic loser lol. Make more assumptions. Here let me write a book for you to dissect. Kidding obv. Ive done caliligos over 100 times its not hard. But when it first came out 50% of matchmaking groups were a wipe meaning wasted consumables. You cant expect everyone to know the mechanics on week 1? Kind of like you cant expect anyone to know the mechanics ever as new players are trying new things for the first time all the time. Anyways dont bother replying to me i wont acknowledge you.

I personally only do guardians in party finder so I can play with like minded people that use correct battle items, but I wouldnt go into match making expecting people to follow battle item etiquette.

That being said the Kungaleinium battle item etiquette is the following:

Party number 1 Flare (and Marching Flag)
Party number 2 Phero
Party number 3 Phero
Party number 4 Corrosive

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I’d like to clarify that I have the same profile pic as the other one posting under me and we are different people. But again, you weren’t referring specifically to caliligos when u said break even, and even then it isnt reasonable to use wipes as a factor is average cost of a run at this point. Additionally, the people running caliligos are 1490 going into brel raid, no where near people learning the game or figuring things out. I feel like “people have to learn” only holds up to a certain point and i feel like caliligos is way past that point for that to be reasonable to have multiple wipes factored into cost

no please acknowledge me i need you to acknowledge me please man or else i can’t live.
anyway you typed something and now you typing something else maybe get your stuff together ? you call anyone who disagree with you toxic loser ? that says a lot about you man hopefully you will get that reality check regardless.

Have you even done Cali? Failing stagger does massive aoe damage that can wipe the group.


The original poster is talking about kungalanium.

My mistake. Yeah, I don’t understand the use of ww for kung. No reason for that.

i mean if you flared and they left because of you using ww i have questions

so let me get this straight
people would rather lose their daily loot than spend 30 extra seconds??
madlads i respect it