Let me understand something please, about guardian raids

Do you understand the whole concept of Figthing turtles? Even if your idea seems nice, it goes agaisnt what has been proven to be “Working” for months.

And doing that is to make other ppl waste their time.

Yeah, I just left a Vykas G3 because people were dicking around. At this point I’d rather lose the run than deal with bullshit honestly. It’s far less aggravating to just Song of Escape out and go do something else instead. Come back and do that piece later.

please, stop this kids’ tears. “wasting time” is a concept really that goes against the playing the game itself, this one in particular. And we are talking about maybe 30 seconds one minute of the precious time of these crybabies “wasted”. They better use that time to walk to the boss to realize what awful creatures they became. and then, better visit a psicologist.

I can appreciate another player using battle items. IMO some system changes would make QOL much better. Like combining some of the battle items and for some items like phero’s it does not throw if its already on boss. We have 4 bars to work with but its not enough with the amount of different items we have and it just feels bad to overlap a phero.

Weird… you ask:

Please let me understand, at the cost of recieving waves of hate again, i don’t care.

Now your stance is:

I dont get you, why are you initiating this thread of conversation if you are not going to accept other’s opinion?
Seems this one is another Forums Troll…

presses eject button

i dont care to recieve hates of wave or being told dumb shit by people that have this zombies mentality. being stressed from playing a game, get real. And seems to hard to understand for you too. go to do some more daily stuff, better for you.
mine is just an advice for these kind of “people”.

I always use WW as well as whatever I’m assigned (phero, corrosive, flare), unless I’m on a high stagger class :man_shrugging:

Duuuuude, it does NOT matter if it fails or not you baboon, the point is WW are useless in kunga kiddo.

There’s really two types of players in Lost Ark.

  1. The RMT buyers / Gigawhales, emulating and trying to impress their favorite streamers, while ignoring the dying community. These guys could care less about battle item usage, as they are popping Adro and Stimmies in every fight. Though this group is “chill”, they have swiped their way into content they don’t belong in, and forced everyone else into group 2:

  2. Everyone else on the verge of quitting due to an oppressive market, unplayable servers, and being jailed by unskilled RMT buyers and whales. These guys don’t care about battle items necessarily, but are sensitive to bad players swiping their way into content and expecting to be carried. It is not a fun experience having one guy in your raid at roster level 125, with level 10 gems, who doesn’t know the mechanics and bought their way into a reclear group. It is frustrating enough to just song of escape and eat the penalty, or try to kick the player from the group.

It is a flaw in the game that allows whales to swipe into content with veterans. The truth is no one has ever wanted to play with whales, who are overwhelmingly unskilled. A veteran does not gain anything from playing with these players. Only AGS / botters benefits, via USD. It is despicable and has no place in MMOs.

Buying tradable cosmetics and selling them for gold, or monthly subscription passes is already bad enough. Allowing people to just stand at a honing bench and go from 300-1575, then join Brel 1-6 reclear groups, without fighting a single monster is too much. The game was good enough to look past this flaw for a handful of months. The honeymoon is over and players want whales gone.

People leave to teach you future lesson so you don’t screw more players next time. Stagger check is easy on Kunga and no WW is required there, even if you fail stagger just walk out of AOE. In Kunga you use Flare-Pherox2-Corrosive at start.

Yeah I can’t imagine this elitism attitude that makes it sound like your infallible and earned your on ilvl with 2 engravings kill because anyone cares about that kind of bullshit. Go kill a boss with a dance pad and no gear if you want. Different strokes for different folks.

Imagine talking advice from the guy using WW in Kunga. I would rather uninstall the game, no thanks.


I will. And you keep dragging down your Brel groups with your pretty level 10 gems and missing the MVP board every clear, having been dead for 50% of each encounter.

Make sure to keep those Chinese botters employed too. It would be terrible for everyone if you closed your wallet.

Yesterday ran with los 30, lvl 10 db was dead before shandi on g6 and we carried his ass.


Welcome to every Lost Ark raid you will find in party finder.

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Na, most are fine on NAW already have title and got 12+ clears just with pugs, and most were one shot ngl and some were 2-3 wipes. Just find better players but sometimes you can get imposter who got carried over and over.

Imagine caring if you get on MVP. You trying to tell me why I bought my gear and why I play the game is why you’re unhappy. You think that I’m trying to prove something to you when I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself. I’m having a great time in game enjoying myself. I run across people like you who are butthurt that i have something that I supposedly don’t deserve, but the reality is I’m not here for you. I don’t need you to validate me, to make me know what I’m doing it fun, I know it is, that’s why I’m doing it. I’m sorry you haven’t found that thing for you. If you think this is sad for me, I guess you don’t know what its like to be happy with all that you have in life, including the ability to waste money on a video game.

Indeed. Please keep proving my point more.

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Yep, I’m just pointing out that you’re not in either of these groups. You’re in a 3rd group that feels entitled to something that you have to earn but can’t get. Keep working at it and you can compare yourself to someone and think you have value. Or you can just choose to do something that makes you happy whatever that is

Like paying chinese botters to fund my advancement, and creating an unplayable environment for everyone else? As long as it makes ME happy, right?

This mentality is exactly why everyone would be b etter if whales fucked off, out of online gaming, permanently. Grown ass adults throwing money around in video games to flex on kids and people with developmental disabilities.

It’s actually disgusting.