Let me understand something please, about guardian raids

Who’s paying chinese botters to do anything? Buy your gold legit if you want gold. It’s right there in the shop. You think a whale isn’t willing to pay the price?

Why does it matter what price they pay for the gold they have? Is it better or worse if they bought it all legit in the store with Royal Crystals? I’m trying to determine who were supposed to dislike more. Its amazing that you let someone doing something affect your enjoyment so much.

I guess you buried your head too far into the ground to notice Lost Ark has 2 bots for every 1 player, as proven by the recent ban wave.

But no one is paying them, right? Or have you convinced yourself that regular players are buying this gold, and whales are too honorable? What a clown.

It doesn’t matter if you are the one out of ten whales that buy through the store. The other nine whales buy RMT.

2 to 1? Try more like 3-4 to 1…what does that have to do with anything?

Why are you letting other people’s actions diminish the value of the work you’re doing? Why do you care what other people’s ilvl and gear looks like unless you need that to validate your adequacy? There is no race, there is no competition. Time = Money Pick one you want to invest, its how all these games work. If you don’t enjoy it then dont’ play it. No one is forcing you too. No one will think less of you for disliking something that others like.

But its a part of the game. Are you disgusted with the fact that you LIKE a P2W game, but can’t afford the time or money to “keep up” whatever that is?

I don’t let it happen. In fact I am jailed by it, when an unskilled whale jails me in a raid that he never belonged in.

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If you’re constantly getting jailed maybe you’re the jailer…shrug

As a whale I’m not getting jailed, ever. That’s the whole point.

You don’t understand inflation? It’s literally the definition. RMT devalues all the work and gold we have. This is a multiplayer game with a public market.

Everything whales do has an impact on regular players. ESPECIALLY when they buy millions of gold from chinese botters, and ESPECIALLY when they are running around in a raid, at level 120, having no idea how to do mechanics.

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Of course I understand inflation. The farming of legion raids weekly with no honing is what drives inflation. The bots do their part no doubt, but their influx of new gold is not where whales make their gold. Its gems which were driven down in price significantly before. We’ve seen a 50-60% increase in gem prices, material prices, crafting prices…where is all that inflation coming from?

There isn’t a new influx of gold to the game. There is a sigificant reduction in supply

Why have my fish stocks that I bought weeks ago at 25g are now worth 50-90g? That’s not gold inflation, but it sure is making me rich.

That stagger bar is just normal attack

Same OG post acting like he know sh*t why I wasted my 1 minute to teach this worthless

Yozo existed before launch and AGS had the power to remove it based on feedback.

Pheons existed before launch but:

Whale logic?

Pheons are just as arbitrary as Yozo. They could easily not exist based on feedback. It only exists because they need something in the shop that regular players want to buy, but aren’t creative enough to actually create useful items or good cosmetics to meet their insatiable demand for USD.

Thus all players are harmed by an arbitrary tax thanks to whales.

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Okay but they do exist. Now what? You don’t like it? Oh well play somehting else.

I’m glad you finally see reason. Let us circle back:

It’s not a situation where your whaling does not impact anyone else. Your whaling hurts regular players.

Okay but we’ve proven there are multiple ways to get gold. Not just chinese gold farmers. So the high prices are not just because of them. Its everythign in the game. Who said my whaling doesn’t impact anyone?

Buying gold will increase supply and that will increase the gold in the game. That is how the game is designed. Now and in Korea, since the beginning. Are you just learning this now?

Lost Ark ALWAYS has been P2W if you consider winning buying power. There is no question about this.

Thanks for leading us back to my first post in the thread.

Quick, find a straw man.

There is actually a 3rd group.

  1. The player that really is bad at the game, can’t complete basic mechs or throw the correct items required to clear content because they are “f2p” and are too scared to spend 300g on needed items all while blaming anyone higher than them because they are clearly RMT. They have a self entitled attitude that they are clearly superior to everyone and those RMT boys clearly hold them back. We call this one the “league of legends” mentality.

Please, don’t embarassing your more than this. If those items are “required* to clean that content, means you are a burnt out person from” playing" a game. So that alone shows how in a bad position you are. Keep going if you want. You can only make your position worse.

Do low Level Raid Like GreenBird it cost you nothing and save much of your time and gold cost dont stress your self too much lol :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Who said I don’t wanna use the items in first place. Another one that just can’t read. How many people playing lost ark dropped school too early… Insane.

The game needs harsher punishments for MM ragequiters to disencourage this kind of toxic behavior.

Isn’t this guy the 400 dominion GS that cried because people didn’t want to carry him?