Let me understand something please, about guardian raids

i carry myself there dont worry, dont need to play with stressed toxic people that cant enjoy a game. im the one who “Ykes” when sees people that gets mad like a spoiled kid not receving the wanted gift, because they cant enjoy the game since they are burnt out from playing 12 hours per day, or spent too much money :wink:

also if you didn’t skip school you would’ve been able to comprehend my old post.


Yep every single person that flames you must have all of the above characteristics which is why theyre flaming you. It couldn’t possibly be because some people are just annoyed you’re using ww in a guardian raid where that does almost nothing. Definetely 100% of people all play 12 hrs per day and 100% of the population are burnt out…yep…

well. sadly yes, because it’s not possible to have such reactions for nothing. be real. it’s not that 100% of the people play 12 hours per day, but 100% of the people that play 12 hours x day or spend too much money are definetly stressed out and behave like this. Learn to understand.

I wrote it exactly as you said it, I did not misinterpret anything lol. But also, to be annoyed with something is not such an extreme that you have to do all of what you’re saying. You also just minimize your blame by repeating nothing because you can’t accept that you are intentionally doing something useless.

Do some people over react? Absolutely. But are your actions “nothing”? No its annoying to most people

Getting annoyed because you are wasting 30 seconds 1 minute more in a game, bro means you have a problem. First of all. Second i didnt do that intentionally but im tempted to start doing so just to trigger these people that are extremely stressed from playing the game, again, this is a big problem for them and maybe they will realize it. Like today i was doing an argos run and there was one guy just spamming all the time skip skip because probably someone just had a slower pc and didnt skip the cynematic immediately. these people have a problem. not me. and there is plenty of them.

people get annoyed when they stub their toe. People get annoyed when the bus is a bit later than usual and the weathers cold. Annoyance does not mean you have a problem LOL.Theres a case for having a problem of over reaction based on annoyance but if you think that people have issues just for being annoyed at that mundane thats a bit of a delusion lol.

being annoyed is a thing in fact, over reacting is a consequence of being burnt out. If you get annoyed and can handle it’s one. when they start puking their bile at other players because things are going a bit slower than usual, then it means they are done with the game and honestly should stop playing the game. and again, being annoyed because you are “wasting” 1 more minute doing something, when playing a game, means game is not fun for you anymore, so in any case better realizing it.

Again, you like to minimize what it actually is and frame it as:

I’m not the one with the problem because I’m not the one thats mad at my mistake…
Ofc you’re not. You’re the one making the mistake LOL

yep exactly, because it can happen to make mistakes, and it’s not normal to react like this to other players. if you also have this garbage mentality, sorry, we are done talking then.

Oh no they called your mistake out what a terrible tragedy. Is that the complaint? You made a mistake. People called it out. Now you know, and everyone can move on. Wheres the damage???

and then you clearly didn’t even read my original post. or you didn’t understand anything. so maybe read twice. Have a good night.

You mean there are consequences to your actions that you’re choosing? I would have never guessed??? And instead of changing something the first time you did it twice…expecting a different outcome?

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:clown_face: :joy: :clown_face: :joy:

“I prefer to run around the map looking for the boss than fail the insignificant stagger check at the start of the boss. Then I make a public display of my own stupidity”.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

The funniest thing about all of this is… You say its not normal for people to get annoyed and react like this over small things, yet you have made an entire wall of text detailing your annoyance at these people and have responded to the topic for days…

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I mean… we’re talking about people songing out because of a pretriggered stagger check, not from not throwing battle items. These guys are dumbasses. They’re not teaching any lesson by leaving, op is still going to kill the boss anyway, and the people songing out only got a free deserter penalty…

The deserter penalty is character based so you could easily log a different character and do that daily. And I agree from a purely efficiency stand point its not efficient at all to do what theyre doing, but its also not unreasonable for someone to not want someone to get by free doing obnoxious things and also be willing to spend an extra 2 minutes at their own cost to hinder the person from continuing to get by free.

What is a bit unreasonable, is to complain about people being “unreasonably annoyed at small things” while also writing a whole forum post for days about being annoyed about a small thing

Wrong. They aren’t annoyed he pretriggered the stagger. They’re annoyed he didn’t Phero and is forcing them to run around the map searching for the boss.

He said he flared at the beginning.

People get all bent out of shape when you don’t do it how the KR’s do it and if you don’t carry them in the fastest way possible they will start crying warning/kicking or leaving! The funny part is they are just wasting their own time and they just don’t realized that LOL


they are just bunch of spoiled kids that cant even understand simple sentences. copy cat builds from other players and they feel “pro” when they are just a bunch of stuffed shirts, most likely incapable of doing anything if not checking a video guide for every single thing. I strongly doubt they would even read a guide with their extreme low level of basic comprehension, attention and patience.