Let players preview Mounts and Skins from Launch Celebration Chests!

I believe the Launch Celebration Gifts should be reissued, for a variety of reasons.

There are no previews for the mount and instrument skins offered, and it isn’t possible to choose the desired one without prior knowledge of their appearance.

This is a feature that should be changed - if Lost Ark values player aesthetic choice, they should allow their players to make informed decisions!

I was lucky enough to actually receive my launch gifts (unlike some poor Lost Ark players on the forums), but I didn’t get to preview my mount, and now I’m stuck with a mount I’ll never use instead of one I really wanted :pensive:


I support this. Especially since you can preview in the store so the feature is there.


Exactly. It’s silly that they didn’t just clone the function.

I really like this game - the combat is fun, the story tries to be interesting, the set design is amazing. I want to keep supporting it.