Let us disable chat filter

The chat filter is absurd for people communicating in languages other than english.

Trust me, I’m a hell lot more annoyed when I have to decipher what my friends are trying to write than seeing words that aren’t even offensive, to begin with. For example, why the hell is every word with “cum” in it censored?! In romanian “cum” = “how”, “acum” = “now”.



Same problem for us germans, some very normal words get filtered:
weniger = less; gets filtered because it’s close to the N-bomb, but Niger itself is just the name of a west african country.
Sammlerstücke = collectibles,
Stücke = pieces,
and there are many more.

There is no reason to have a chat filter in a game rated M for mature. If adults can cope with killing thousands of things, but a simple wort triggers them that hard, maybe they shouldn’t be on the internet at all.

Also a chat filter makes even less sence, since there are for example unofficial german servers, where 95% of the area chat is in german, but you can still use every german insult there is. so absolutely nobody is benefiting from an english language filter on non-english servers.


Especially inside Guild chat this whole filtering is total nonsense. I can’t even link my TS inside the guilmessage cause it gets blocked. Not to mention that i can’t write Password or PW there.

This is totally annoying and makes no sense at all…



Please do something about the filter. It makes conversations in non-English Guilds horrendous and especially on Punika, where A LOT of people speak German in zone chat, it keeps filtering harmless words.

This kind of filtering just does not work when you apply it to every language out there.



filter area chat if you want but remove it from raid , party and guild chat pls

Just “immer” isn’t even working …


I was going to make a new post about this, but there are plenty of threads that cover this topic already. The Chat filter is ridiculous. I run into random phrases that get blocked on a daily basis. e.g. “250 or 350” is a phrase that you can’t say in-game. PLEASE let us disable the chat filters. Or at least allow for customizations. Let ME add phrases that I don’t want to see. I’ll add my own filter that blocks “www”, etc. and if I can’t manage to find a way to block bot phrases, I’ll turn your filter back on.

As for ******** starring out swear words, it’s an M-rated game. I get that we live in a time of overrighteous liberalism where snowflakes melt into a puddle of salty tears at the very thought of seeing a curse word with their sensitive eyes, but there are those of us who are adults that can handle it.

Give the choice to the players.

Make it optional, why are adults being force censored? Let the frail overly sensitive types keep it turned on.

Can’t even type in numbers sometimes just completely blocks you from entering your message. The filter is an insult…