Let us make an Informed Decision

Would like to request that Amazon tell us the next class before handing out Punika Passes on July 20th so that we can make an informed decision! I think not doing so might make some people angry and create some unneeded backlash.

First time poster and love the game!

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While I do agree with telling the community which class comes next (after Arcana on July 20th), Punika Pass has nothing to do with it, no need to use the pass right away after all

Again, agree with the fact that we need more information asap on which classes comes next (even if it’s on July 20th with the patch notes or same day of the update) just because it’s important to have a good communication, nothing else.

dunno whether it will be before the 20th but it has been said they will try and share the content for the next two months before august so just hold on to your passes until they release that info it will be what two weeks tops? that is if they dont pull there usual tricks

Why do they need to tell u the next class if it wont release until the powerpass runs out anyway?

Unfortunately no other Advanced Classes will release while these events are active, so the Arcanist will be the newest class available to choose from.

thank you for the clarification

Does this mean there will be no powerpass or express with the next class, or does it mean there will be a new event?

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they will never tell you what the next class will be before the official announcement and if there will be powerpass or any other kind of event.
Even though they know that this could avoid many problems and complaints here on the forum, the CMs can’t talk about it and sometimes they don’t even know yet.