Let us play this game!

You cant do all dailies or weekly dailies, which it means you will log out because of limit. You cant do much because of limit, you cant buy materials because of limit, you cant do raid guardians because of limit (max 2 per day) i am done with raid guardian and there are so many because of limit. I can say it again “because of limit” 10000 times.

I am trying to tell you, the devs! You prevent us from to play this game, it is what you want! It is completely bad design! Thanks!

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I think the game kinda pushes you to make alts. Not everyone wants to do alts, not everyone likes doing the quests repeatedly when you can’t knowlege transfer, but the game is designed to have alts help your main, with mats/gold and silver. And when you’re done with that, you can always do completionist content for skills potions/ect


You can make alts so that you can do more guardian raids , Dailys , Weeklys , Abyss dungeons etc .

Do you think I want to farm until T3 that main can get materials from alt? No thanks!

It’s a lot of work, the game isn’t for everyone. The good news is it gets easier and easier to push alts the more you wait. Just be patient i guess and wait for the honing buffs/ punika pass eventually.

I have an alt at t3 right now. I’m so bored from the game, I didn’t wana finish punika story anymore lmao. I’m so bored that my best purpose in the game right now is carry people through low tier abyss dugeon and guardian raid.