Let us re-do Legion Raids without rewards

Hi @Roxx,

please let us re-fo Legion Raids without rewards.

As I am considered old for this game, I need more repetitions.

Anyways, I really enjoy Legion Raids and despite the fact that I am old, I love to practice and learn the mechs myself instead of buying a busses.

Therefore, I have pushed my 3 PvP-Bards to 1445 to have more practice and fun with the result
having now 4 Bards + 1 Mini-Bard, 1 Sorc, 1 Summoner and 1 Shadow Hunter. And the Roster is still growing.

But the fun is done, if you know the mechs and you are so fast doing the Legion Raids that you have to wait for a whole week just to do them again or can even practice them again.

However, 1 week is enough to let me forget tiny parts of the mechs I already know, especially if I am learning another Raid at the same time.

Therefore, I am honestly considering to make an additional Char to have more practice and fun. But I think that cannot be the way… its too time consuming to push chars from scratch.

And would just be a waste of time raising more and more chars, just to being able to re-do the Legion Raids.

Thusly, I ask you to let us re-do any Legion Raid and Portal without rewards, if rewards have already been claimed.

I think this would also help new players and those players who are being gate-kept.

Sometimes its better to re-do a Legion Raid from the beginning with a fresh and new party.
The problem is, that if you cannot re-do the Legion Raid from the beginning mostly only those are left over who have problems with finishing the Raid.

Though there might be a chance that there are also good players amongst those who wanna finish, but its like a 50/50 chance or less that there are only semi-learners left and you become jailed no matter how good you or few others are.

I as a considerate person have no problem at all to do Legion Raids with semi-learners (I am a learner myself every now an then).

Maybe this way, separating Gold from Fun Raids, some more considerate persons have mercy to help semi-learners to finish the Raids.

And they exist! I meet them mostly late at night in Valtan normal when I wanna finish with my 1415 chars. But after wasting a couple of potions and bombs, my altruistic self says thats enough for now… ^^

So it would be better if one could separate the Raids necessary to earn gold and those done just for fun or just to help people.

Thanks and Cheers

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It would also help busers :smile:

I love the idea, though. I got nothing against busing in general and this idea opens up more flexibility and increases the quality of the raids.

At the same time, though, it could make the player-base get sick of the content even sooner, rather than later, so I could see how that could be an issue.

But I’m all for implementing things which give freedom of choice and flexibility instead of limiting them.

Why would it help bussers, if you dont get rewards?

the only thing how i see that working would be : decline every interaction with the market place while in raid

to prevent bussing

Because busers don’t solo carry 7 people only to collect their own share of gold but to pick up 7 additional ones.

Busers immediately come to mind when such an idea shows up xD Unlimited bus drives, limited only by the demand for busing and their own stamina :smiley:

But I wanna practice more often. :frowning:

Busser will like that. Unlimited gold print.

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if you bus a raid , your "customers " pay via auction house the gold
if you can do with a 1590 char , inlimited busses , people would do that all time long

you want to practice , others would make gold with it … unlimited gold

I still dont understand. But you say it would foster bussers it might be true. Anyways, maybe there is another solution…

Ah ok, now I understand. Thank you.

The best solution is to practice more old raids is creating new characters and raid with them aswell.

It would just make the rules of paying change a little bit in a way in which clients will have to risk getting scammed - pay upfront in the lobby.

There’s no way you can circumvent anything, really, without fucking up something good which works.

Examples are everywhere, right now new players who didn’t pay for Trusted status don’t even have access to the auction house at all.

That is NOT a game which I started playing and which I love. That is something which goes against everything I stand for. Granted, it’s not pay2win, it’s pure pay to play.

Well I have a solution to bussing which also might solve the problem of gate-keeping!

Just dont let > 1500 do lower Raids. Simple as that. So they cant solo-carry them.
Its also the solution for the gate-keeping.

But maybe there wont be enough people to do the content anymore. One can never know.

That’s a stupid solution. And also 4x 1445 can Bus Valtan since it’s not about the DPS it’s about the mechs.

If you don’t allow 1500+ in raids then the game will die for sure since most gold is generated below 1500

That’s a much better option according to my standards. However, I’m not sure it would fly good with the rest of the players, some of which include whales who paid so much for their pleasure that you have to give them a way to enjoy themselves, and for many people it surely includes one shotting content which used to cause them stress and trouble xD

If they can help others and earn a fair amount of gold at the same time, it’s the single most important thing to have in this game.

And thats a stupid and inadequate reply! Take care of your manors.

So you say above 1500 not allowed to join Valtan, Vykas and maybe clown? So they only can do Brel to get gold. Or they need to do 6x1475 extra as gold earners.

You thought about that? No? I see

Lunar is right , its not asolution at all and you wasnt thinking about your request how to solve that .

for me its Stupid aswell

that does not mean you are as a person be stupid, just your “solution” is it
it has nothing to do with manors

if something is stupid its stupid and you dont have to write a , like i do now , a 6 sentence explanation why something is not thought at all about , if something is just " stupids"

its sad that you get instantly feel personally attacked
stupids a propper wording , for a just bad not well thing thought about

why be nice , just because you fell personal about it ?
this is over here
if you cant handle criticism , its not worth to talk about this threat

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