Let us speak about Bots

I may be confused.
The problem with the bots is the economy. The more bots farm gold, the more the gold loses value. Right?
So the problem is that bots push too much gold into the market and the market gets flooded with it.
Amazon is “the good guy” because Amazon is fighting the bots. Right?
Bots can only be successful when there is a shortage, a need, otherwise they wouldn’t sell anything. Right? Right!
Who is responsible for creating that need? Upgrade costs, pheons, high prices in the sales house and just a bit gold can be earned legally.
Who controls the chance of upgrading and how much gold players can generate? And who reduces the amount of gold that players can earn from patch to patch? And it’s going from patch to patch less …
Who sells gold for money directly in the game?

To be honest, the wrong polluter is being addressed. The botters are not the enemy, someone else is the enemy.
Bots establish one, in the auto industry it’s called the “aftermarket”. A market that allows you to avoid the outrageous costs that the manufacturer charges.

Mates, don’t be stupid. Amazon doesn’t fight for you against the bots, they fight because they want to sell the gold themselves.
Amazon doesn’t care if players have a good gaming experience, they’re only interested in having their fingers deep in your pockets.
Amazon could end the botting instantly by increasing the upgrade chance, reducing the gold cost of upgrading, or switching to silver. Amazon could bring a lot more gold into the game to make the bots’ offers unattractive.
But Amazon won’t do that because they aren’t interested in your fun, only in your money.

Instead, Amazon is fighting for its own profit, which Amazon generates through a shortage that it has caused and planned by Amazon.
People who think Amazon doesn’t know exactly what’s happening here have never worked for a large company.
Amazon has customized the game, upgrade chance and so on, to fit their money needings.

People be smart and recognize your enemy :wink:

What if its amazon that runs those bots… dum,dum dumtsssss.
X-files music Plays.

To be fair, even if honing had no gold costs (aside from buying off the market of course) and boosted rates, prices would just shoot up on accessories/ability stones/etc. because people would be able to spend that gold in another place.

As long as gold has any value that botters can squeeze out of other people, bots and gold sellers will always affect the economy.

So your post breaks down to “i hate amazon games” and “inject more gold into the system so bots automatically disappear”?

First of all… Are you familiar with the human nature? The first thing people want is… MORE! Even if they load every player with 10k gold a week, there ll be plenty guys who say… pfff 10k? I need a million! Bots wont disappear no matter how many gold you have

Second… AMG or Smilegate depending on who you want to judge more lowered the gold gain to prevent the same situation like in KR. The extreme inflation of gold… yeah even though that decision lead to other problems…

And third… Didnt you want to talk about bots?

Amazon is actually not fighting the bots because all developmental changes are through smilegate and this is something they just havent had to deal with in KR.

This is a very cool story.

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