Let us take a moment and reevaluate what AGS has done so far

So we know AGS has implemented many precautions to tackle bots.

Lets list them here and make a verdict.

  1. Strict TOS, 100% fulfilment of agreements, no compromise.
  • verdict: NOPE. If you RMT, all you have to worry is a 3 days leisure ban, so you can think of what no no you did.
  1. Regional IP ban.
  • verdict: NOPE, didn’t help a dime. All it did was reduce even further the, already, small playerbase. Bots are running however they want.
  1. VPN ban.
  • verdict: look the above.
  1. Additional IP bans towards China, Korea?
  • verdict: yet again, look the above.

These are all I could think of, or all that were presented to us (lets disregard everything else they are supposedly doing without telling us because, frankly, it doesn’t fucking matter at this point).

What could have been done:

  • EAC update or total removal in favour of better detection program.
  • additional log in confirmation
  • additional Amazon account verification
  • requirement to use Amazon account to play
  • GM’s in game (The Texas Rangers) continuously banning bots in starting area.
  • Steam account verification?
  • in game captcha every now and then? For example after you exit a raid/chaos/any other DG.

Vykas is upon us, and I’m getting a feeling that Thursday will be fresh, while Friday will stink rotten tomatoes…

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he said the truth, and that hurt