Lethality - NA East - Regulus is recruiting! Come join our fun & chill community!

Lethality - Lv.20 - NA East - Regulus


  • Guild Shop 5 | 35/77 Player Count
  • Static groups running Kuku/Vykas/Valtan
  • Weekly GVG and GVE content
  • 5 Alt Guilds with Max Guild Shop and Weekly Quests (Boss Rush, Cube, Sailing)
  • 250-500 Contribution


  • We are a semi-hardcore, Main Only guild looking to build additional statics across any NA East server and create a fun, enjoyable and active community. We want to facilitate the creation of statics that all share the same objective without sacrificing the fun.

  • Whether you are learning or an experienced/more hardcore player, we want to pair like-minded individuals together to work towards a common goal. We also have a heavy focus on the community aspect, we want people to have a place to hang out, build friendships and blow off steam while accomplishing our goals in the game.

  • We’ve recently teamed up with Starfleet to bring two great guilds under one discord community!


  • Active 1475+ players looking to join a static/do weekly content - this includes players outside of Regulus due to the improvements to cross server interaction
  • Any friendly players who love the game and are looking for a fun place to call home


  • Use of Discord Voice
  • Understanding of spoken English, Discord, and a Mic required
  • Show Respect to everyone at all times - hate speech is NOT tolerated
  • No discussion of divisive subjects such as Politics or Religion
  • No elitist attitudes or toxicity
  • 21 years or older


  • Starfleet HQ <-Link
  • Join and agree to the Community’s Rules
  • Jump in and let us know you’re interested!

You can also find us on the LFG site!

Still actively recruiting!

Lethaility recently joined up with starfleet as a two guild one comunity group come check us out

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Still actively recruiting looking to form more statics and run content together! Come join us and have some fun.

Come join us and have some fun!

Forming groups for Brel now! Come join us and blast!

Still actively looking for like-minded players! Come join us!

Getting the Brel grind going! If you are still looking for a static come join us! Running all content and having a blast while doing it!