Let's admit... NA/EU are the only beneficiary of Western LA

I’m tired of this disrespect. You can be better with SA people and their problems AGS/SG.

Anyway, for now, just let NA/EU people continue their entitlement… This version was created for them.

Probably because EU is creeping into not allowing rng boxes.2 countries already banned the game over it and spain is following suit.It’s only a matter of time.

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Yeah! That’s the point. Why do they need country laws in order to be ethical with their consumers. Western lands are not KR that accepts such RNG toxic environment.

If they do not start to treat each people as each people needs. There’s no reason to support this game for all these regions.

Would be more ethical and respectful offer the game only for NA and EU countries that allow the game as it is.

Today, the only benefit of SA support is ping, which doesn’t make much difference, since there are less players compared with NA/EU due the low dedicated support / marketing investment.

In the end of the day, they will say that low population justify low attention and put the fault in our people, but the low pop is just because of themselves not promoting and supporting the game in SA as it should be.

who say this was for EU ?

The patch notes.

Wait, how is the EU cash shop being changed?

What are you on about? EU prices are the same on the entire continent, despite some countries having like 10x average income of others.

link me whjere you saw EU in the patchnotes

For now, but there are moves happening in order to customize it for the region. That’s what I am addressing.

so you see disable for 30 min that mean EU will get specific thing what the fuck you trolling ?


Nothing is happening who would need specific thing for EU

Yeah. Let’s see next moves. Everyone know what is happening in EU due lootboxes. Don’t be innocent. Let’s see Yoz release. If there’s nothing related to custom things for EU, I will be the first to comment here, but that’s not the case yet, since it was delayed.

Nothing is happening to EU about loot box


Actually euro prices are higher than the dollar ones

Because SA complains come from the players and with EU they face legal regulaitons

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Imagine shouting wolves even before any appeared.

We have already tons of issues in SA. This new discriminatory would be just one more. The wolves already appeared. Thanks for the empathy

you are like ppl who say covid never existed with your complotist theory my god