Let's admit... NA/EU are the only beneficiary of Western LA

It will never happen.

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I think it will, due the laws, you know? I mean, my problem not is with EU people, I am more asking why AGS/SG doesn’t give personal attention for SA people. We have tons of regional issues not addressed.

I will be empathetic if they change EU store to cater to the new regulations but all they did was bring down the store for 30 mins.

Nothing was changed, there’s no special treatment.

So this IS shouting wolves before any appeared.

Well, clearly people here a biased. Let me just remove the post. The superior people win again.

Doesn’t make sense to claim nothing once everywhere in the forum people just consider EU/NA as the only places where Western LA was released.

I’m from OCE, do you think you’re worst than us? We literally have no fucking server to play on and have to endure 200+ ping. Dafug are you smoking?

Sure thing. OP and title already updated. Thanks for your contribution here.

imagine being as dense/whiny as OP and making a post about it :joy:

Yeah! Let’s enjoy the bullying festival.


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