Lets crystaline = queue skip

as title says why not just simply let crystalline aura prioritize queue skip seems like simple way to differentiate between bots and players…

now i know some will complain that free to play wouldn’t be included , but any free to play player putting in a normal amount of game time would purchase it with their crystals

bots wouldn’t spend the crystals on purchasing it, they aren’t sitting there waiting for log in like normal players, they would sell the crystals for gold and sell the gold off.


Does nothing about the actual bot problem. It’s a workaround for you personally, but apparent disrespect for people who don’t currently have the aura on (for whatever reasons they have).

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haha, now this would truly be pay to win.

pay to win …how, the game literally gives you the crystals to purchase the aura…and if you dont have the aura after playing for a reasonable amount of time then you are wasting crystals on other items or sold them for gold.