Lets face it, sharpshooter sucks

I really want to explain why, but it would take you hours to read it.
But all i can say is, the generally SS player won’t stand a chance in any PVP events, ever.

As a ilvl 1420, im currently enjoying PvE, since im ready to uninstall the game if going back to another match of PVP.
Any melee class can pretty much right-click me to death for example.
And all we get are two channeling slow ass interruptable skills that causes 10% damage to the opponent if we are lucky enough to actully complete the channeling.

People referring to PvP tier lists from A-whatever D or E.
By the amount of duels i have so far, i would say SS is between J-K.
I mean, we have nothing to contribute to the team except for cancelling enemy skills with a 300 dmg claymore…

Now you thinking like “u mad bro?”

  • Yes im a little mad, but mostly dissapointed how bad the situation with pvp for us really is.

Fair game? Nah…

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If ppl can get into master with SS it might not be as bad as you think. You just sound tilted tbh


Sure, people can also finish last custom made level in super mario.
But can the GENERALLY player do it? No.
Give my sisters 5 year old son a sorc and he would probly beat any sharpshooter. Thats the kind of difference between classes in pvp.

Top GM on Russia (arguably most competitive pvp country) is a sharpshooter

So I’m not sure what you’re getting at

It may be more difficult than other classes to perform highly but it is possible

I’ve seen plenty of sharpshooters do really well
And also really bad

Also the pvp in this game requires a lot of
Practice and skill on almost any class

If you have under 100 hours in arena you need to (and don’t take this personally) l2p

There’s a reason the pvp is challenging and the barrier to entry is so high
There’s a lot of knowledge you have to acquire and a decent amount of mechanical skill at even the lowest ranks

Find a good SS that pvps on twitch
Hurenix (or something like that) and study their gameplay


How come it seems like they are 400 top #1 gm RU masters? Like it seems there is a new one every day

The pvp for average ppl is bronze

Pvp for wannabes is silver and gold

Tryhards go platinum / diamond

pvp for dedicated players with doubful sanity is master and grand master.


Welp at any giving time there’s 30 and 100 that alternate in and out

But hurnix has been #1-3 most of the season

No shit, braindead, but this isn’t how balance standards are achieved. Play SS for 1 week and tell me they are remotely fair. They do awful damage, have awful range, have awful cast times. Their only benefit is they can be kinda hard to catch, but even for that martial artists shit on them.

You’re right, sharpshooter is garbage and D tier according to every PVP ‘pro’ tier list for a reason. I has awful range, awful dmg, awful cast times. Hardest hitting ability takes 2 full seconds to charge and does next to 0 dmg if it doesn’t crit, also zero superarmor so people will look at you funny and it interrupts everything you can do. Genuinely worthless class. Meanwhile the likes of deathblade get to straight up ignore half the mechancis of the game and sit on the forums telling people to ‘git gud’

Hawkeye is very strong lol, it is at the top of the Tier list that a youtuber made, along with the Gunslingher and Deadeye, in general the shooting class is very good in PVP, I can tell you that I am capable of bursting a Kill demonic/DB with my BoomStick.
The same with the GUNLANCER, in KOREA it is one of the most played classes.
Anyway, remember that this game is an mmorpg, the assassins will always be a problem if you don’t make a comeback, as for the Strikers, in eliminatory ONE SINGLE SNIPER FROM MY TEAM killed all 3 Tekkens easily.
Don’t be a crystal and practice casual first, then get into competitive.

I see why some can take into consideration SS being in grandmasters means he isn’t THAT bad but we can all agree grandmasters can make any dog class look good by looking at low-mid rank he is most certainly a burden in most scenarios to an extent of “Fixing your play style around him”. I think most of us never say “sweet we have a sharpshooter”.

funny that there are sharpshooter in the main pvp events in EU and NA. Really funny. Also in PVE i agree he isnt top tier but he is also not bottom tier. Also he gets a buff with the next balance patch at the 19th. Also shields get nerfed in pvp that means sharpshooter gets a lot better, so way less burst dmg just goes into a dumb shield.

come on , SS is the best class to actually cheese ppl , you can bully soooooo much class especially in 1V1.
now in 3V3 it’s still looks fine , maybe a bit underperforming but really not much.

but SS kit isn’t easy to play like a braindead sorc/arty/db for sure.

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It is not that there are grandmasterr for play well with “dog class”, there are only many people who think they are “PRO” playing with Assassins and wizards (Bards eww) XD

I don’t know what your point is. If you’re trying to say SS isn’t garbage because some people play at top level with SS then that’s an awful take. Nobody is saying people can’t hit top tiers with shit classes, it’s just way harder to do so for no real reason, and those same players would have hit a top rank much more quickly/more easily with literally any other class (see: deathblade/shadowhunter).

Since you said “duels”- SS is EXTREMELY good 1v1. It is 3v3 where it struggles because of long cooldowns and the higher you climb the easier it is to get caught in stealth. As much as you want to believe otherwise… the 1v1 toolkit is actually S tier. You can keep people in complete darkness with homing arrows and with a crit build you can get a shit ton of dmg. I’ve played plenty of Domination games though and have consistent dmg in 700k. It’s super abusive so I would recommend going to the Maxroll website and reading the pvp guide there. There is nothing more valuable than the reasoning behind your actions in arena.

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when it comes to 1v1 SS is one of the best classes for that, its actually like SS, reaper and deadeye as the main 3. half the roster cant even try to hit them and you auto-win 100% to 0%. its degenerate. Its 3v3 where the class struggles, and its mostly to unreliable damage skills, you rely mostly on catching for your team, and peeling, dont go in as SS expecting to do more then 400k/match because you wont. Peel, catch for team, dont feed and you can do really good even in high rankings.

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I kinda feel Op,
It is just SS is the class that forces teammates to play around it, IT is rly annoying to get SS in team. They have insane dmg but not many teamcomps that they are good with,

They cant peel shit, they can combo well with someclases but they need melee to draw attention so they can go and do thier job. Problem is that outside of Chadlancers DB and Pala not many classes can make SS work.

And when they dont work they are basically 4th player in enemy team.

it is rly hard to balance classes like that due to thier skill flooring and team requirements.
Look at sorc, She is seriously better in everything than SS and is WAY easier to play and way harder to punish. Ofc both of those classes can excel in right hands but game isnt rly balanced around “ease of play”, if you like SS play it but prepare to be needed to put 2x more effort than sorc/db/sh players

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Welcome to the real world buddy. All mmos are like that. Some classes are easier to play then others, its just that simple. Wait till Reaper comes out and you 1v1 a reaper who just goes invisible, bursts you, goes back into invisible, bursts you some more, goes invisible again and kills you. just you wait homie. but Reaper is the most difficult class to play aside from Arcana so there’s that. i main Reaper on KR, Theres only good reapers and floormats, theres no inbetween.