Let's figure out how many actual players this game has (actual numbers inside)

Alright, so obviously steamcharts are useless because of bots and we can’t see the number of players per server anywhere.

What we can see though are numbers for capture events and PvP weekly XP ranks.
On my server that’s on the lower end of EUC pop, Calvasus, there were a bit less than 650 people doing Medeia capture last week and that’s consistent with PvP weekly XP, because when you do Medeia, you instantly get on the board. So around 600-700 active players. Steady decline over the past few months.

There are other EUC servers that are lower population which probably don’t even have 500 players. There are also top4 servers that are highly populated (Thirain, Zinnervale, Wei, Kadan) and probably have between 2-3k (just my estimation).

I’d really love for people from other servers and regions to share their numbers on this so we figure it out when AGS won’t provide numbers. And it’s pretty easy if we get the capture event numbers for most servers.

My guesstimation is as follows:
19 EUC servers, low-medium population ones should vary between 500 and 800 players. Highly populated should be between 2 and 3k. Even if we take highest possible numbers which are probably not true, that’s like 15x800 and 4x3k for EUC. which is 24k. If we take lower numbers, it’s 15.5k. So anywhere between 15 and 25k active players. Even if we assume it’s summer and a lot of people are on vacation, that’s 30k. And there’s no way we have 30k, but let’s just assume it.

EUW? Dead and buried, I genuinely feel sorry for anyone who fell for their scam and wasted the time playing there. No way it has even 5k people. More like couple thousand, but let’s make it 5k.

SA? Maybe a bit more populated than EUW, but from what I’ve seen in here most of their servers are literally dead and it’s impossible for players to get anything on AH because the economy is non-existant. So probably also around 5k.

NAE? I think 3 well populated servers, with others being low-medium pop. Let’s assume it’s 20k, but most likely 10-15k.

NAW? Not dead as EUW, but a huge amount of players quit because they were literally unable to play the game for months due to bots. A couple of active servers, the rest is dead. 10k best case scenario.

So the end result would be something like 30+20+10+5+5k in absolute best case scenario. 70k people. Even if I completely misfired because I don’t know the exact numbers for other servers, there’s literally no witchery that would push it to 80k. Around 50k people that do even a single legion raid per week is more likely, if that.

And this number is declining rapidly. Even the most popular servers aren’t getting any decent influx of new players because by now noone from the outside is hearing anything good about this game and if they have friends playing it anyone sane would tell them to stay the fuck away.

There are pretty much no new mokoko icon players, only bots that are even easier to distinguish now.

*Again, I might be wrong for a lot of servers, so I’d really like people to provide actual numbers for capture events and pvp weekly XP because that’s the best thing we have for getting a better estimation. No other way we can get actual numbers.

We’re probably at ~50k regular players now and the game is losing players daily.


I heard that a lot of players have been blocked lately, the numbers are going to decrease, it is impossible to know at the moment a clear number of my server

Who cares, play if u enjoy the game and stop playing if u dont


Thanks for your really insightful response.

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Np! Btw ur numbers are way off and u dont have to do too much thinking to figure out that theres way more than 50k players. Just look at the steam numbers right after an update for minimum amount of players since bots take longer to get back into the game (which is more than 50k). And concurrent players do not = active players, so your post in general is just incorrect and makes no sense

We can all keep saying that until there is no one left to play with.


Thats how games work, then you move onto a new game

That’s not how mmorpgs tend to work

If the game stay at 20~30k ppl simultani connected, I’m totally fine.

Just look at the steam numbers right after an update for minimum amount of players since bots take longer to get back into the game

That’s most definitely not true. I’ve seen plenty of bots within the first hour of weekly reset after an update. It was only true for that big banwave they did like a month ago now.

That’s why I’m asking for capture event numbers, because they’re the only valid metric.

I was one of the people who said that people are catastrophic about the game dying and that it’s fine not having more than 100k real players, but it’s dropping rapidly.

And concurrent players do not = active players, so your post in general is just incorrect and makes no sense

Again, that’s why I’m using the numbers that are a valid metric. But that’s too hard to understand for under-capacitated people like you.

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Most mmos ive played are pretty barren now, so i would still say they do

Yeah, imagine thinking it’s fine for an MMO to keep siphoning players when it’s half a year into it’s lifecycle and when we know the upcoming content is actually good.


So whats the point of ur post? Ur numbers are all wrong assumptions, but what are u trying to get across?

That the games dying? All games die at some point and grass is green

That’s unfortunate.

I played world of Warcraft for nearly 13 years and still play FF14 since ARR.

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Its ok 3 day hold on gold will help

It’s crazy to see for sure

So whats the point of ur post?

Why are you looking at the hidden meaning? I’m literally trying to figure out the actual number of people playing the game.

Ur numbers are all wrong assumptions

How are they wrong assumptions when I literally know for a fact how many people play capture events and PvP each week on my server and it’s really easy to roughly comapre the server population because we can see who’s from which server in party finder and matchmaking. There’s a handful of servers that barely have people playing anymore.

My numbers are way better assumptions than useless steam charts.

It is, unfortunately just like most things in life everything has a different shelf life

Because you wont figure it out with your assumptions and this is a very inaccurate post. Only AGS/SG knows. In a game where ppl play at different times of the day (some work night jobs for example), u saying ur making assumptions off of ur pvp islands on ur own server is a joke lol

I’ve… never done a PvP event… or PvP at all in LOA. I don’t play a mostly PvE game for the PvP, and I’m pretty confident I’m not alone in that.