Let's figure out how many actual players this game has (actual numbers inside)

I’m a real boy.

I have over 1000 hours in this game and havem’t run capture events a single time so far… And I believe there is a lot more people that haven’t. If you solely base your number off of 1 activity in game and then just make estimations for every other server. How do you think your number will be even remotely accurate.

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I had no idea EUW was “dead and buried” until someone had to tell me on forums, weird how i was playing all this time, having no issues with groups or timed events, seeing plenty of other people around doing stuff. Weird.

it seems like your basing your numbers on gvg content. and i hate to burst your bubble but most people dont even interact with it.

i have friends that have NEVER even touched it that are 1450+ and ive only ever done smaller gvg content once a month if even that.

I would dare to say most players dont even engage in pvp modes this game offers, since the main focus are legion raids.