Let's formally congratulate AGS! (Seriously!)

They pulled off some stunts somehow to get what the community wanted when no one thought it was possible or suppose to be part of this update.

I can’t imagine the hours of work, diplomacy, reconciliation pages of toxic feedback and getting an action plan to SG to give the us the West, what we wanted. That is a sea of effort that goes completely unnoticed.

So regardless of whether you agree to it or not, we can all agree by the demonstrate of what they actually did with this update, that AGS DOES LISTEN to us. And that they are doing their best and have our best interest in mind.

Well done AGS. Well done @Roxx Well done @Shadow_Fox. Please thank everyone else involved too.



Sure they listen to us but their solutions are questionable af, how is removing Yoz’s jar a helpful solution? Before u could choose to whale on legendary avatars or not, now u just don’t have legendary avatars, thats WORSE than before…

If they instead removed Yoz’s jar then sold the legendary skins via the cash shop for say 5k blue crystals then that I’d call a reasonable solution.


Do you think given the climate of this forum that any decision they make is considered “reasonable”? I’m sure they have complete hesitation to do anything because everything will result in people flaming and screaming.

Even your own solution will be taken to the stakes to be burned by a mob of people.

Removing it and fixing up the system later down the line is the best choice with the least angry mob. Why don’t you try talking to community with your ideas.

Odd to put this in class discussion. But yes, finally greed did not win. There are a few greedy man children here mad that that their gambling box got removed. Now they’ll have to go back to lottery tickets or whatever, but it’s better overall for their mental health and for the reputation of the game. Addiction to gambling is a serious problem and should not be exploited.

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In no way should they be congratulated, first it seems that the post was made by an AGS employee, he praises the action but doesn’t say which one, leaving it to the fields of imagination of each one to read.

Second, the game needs to get closer to the KR and RU versions, since most people who have seen and watched the game, whether through game sites, streamers, etc… always imagine that content to play, however it’s far from it and seems to be getting further and further away.

Removing the legendary skins instead of selling them directly without lotbox is a petty and clumsy action, they could even create a version of the skins without the attributes, serving only as a cosmetic. I myself think the legendary paladin skin is amazing and at the time I didn’t know it had these attributes, I just wanted it as a cosmetic item.

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yep congratulations for remove legendary skins the best skins ingame , rlly seriously well done.

Because I don’t’ agree with being a hate machine like you I must be an employee of AGS? Good logic mate.

The player base wanted this. Why don’t you guys come up with a bloody consensus then?

the player base who, there’re like at best 100-200 people actively talking on forums and there are more than 100k in-game.

If AGS did polls it would be so much better, not just listen blindly to some random posts on forums.

Totally agree OP. One may not like the changes but they certainly did listen to people.


People are not mad that they can’t gamble. Stop misrepresenting us. We are mad that the skins didn’t come. For me, more importantly, they didn’t confirm that they were coming in the future.

This is a classic case of “be careful what you wish for.” You can’t possibly expect them to sell legendary skins for so cheap when KR players spend hundreds on a gacha mechanic. This is not going to happen, and global players are beyond delusional for thinking so.

One thing that I can see them maybe doing is adding a step-up mechanic so that you are eventually guaranteed to get the skin you want, but still have to roll for it for the first few rounds. I think this would be a good compromise.

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If they wanna make money then bring Yoz’s jar, if they wanna hear what the players have to say then sell legendary skins for blue crystals at a reasonable price, what they did satisfies neither and we just don’t have legendary skins, how is that “be careful what u wish for”? We’re wishing for no Yoz Jar RNG but still get legendary skins.

Which is NOT going to happen. This kind of thing is supposed to be one of their big moneymakers. They are not going to set some cheap fixed price on it.

Yeah, we are not that special that SG would care enough to give our region the option to buy the legendary skins in the shop for a flat price when every other regions are stuck with the gacha bs system.

Unfortunately removing the Yoz’s Jar entirely was the only solution for now, possibly forever but who knows, until AGS and SG can come up with something. Because I doubt SG would release it any different than the other regions.


this is a joke right? The CM’s listen, but anyone in management doesn’t give a fuck

Joke joke, if it’s about the lootboxes skins, you are wrong, they just removed it bcs of some Europe new regulations…

dont believe when they say its bcs of players feedback, that’s a lie…

they rarely listen,

listening and do nothing is the same as no-listening for me, at least without a clear explanation

Well I have to give them big props for keeping the bots and queues at bay (for the most part) for the longest stretch since the first major bot wave. I still see bots swarming literally everywhere still, but the fact that it’s 250k and not the 800k before really shows me just horrific the problem really was, even if it couldn’t be seen. I wish they could get a handle on it once and for all, but this is the best we’ve seen yet. Hopefully they can keep pushing ahead.

Yeah its great they got some gamble boxes removed. They are actually doing some good stuff lately.

be more specific please. just what are you so happy about? I’m not trying to bash on the ags or devs or whatever you call them. I am generally curious. What was done that you like so much?