Let's get to the bottom of it

I’m going to be honest with you all sincerely, human beings put way too much pressure on themselves and are fooled by technology. Hatred is flooded in our society I get that, but lets take steps to change for the future.
All the hate towards Smilegate and Amazon games is like all the other company’s, riot and blizzard being two prime examples. Why all this hate guys who are we to judge each other with no haste and show people emotions of negative impact? Games have malfunctions and for the community to be pissing their knickers over not being able to play and asking for compensation is mind blowing, the wheel of time never stops they have many different regions to worry about.
People’s brains just spew nonsense and refuse to learn how to be humble and appreciating. Obviously the whole world will never change but us as a small community in this great MMO can we not take strives towards higher thinking? We need to improve our communications to AGS and Smilegate, appreciate them more, and give them patience towards updates and downtime.
enjoy your life

People will be surprised at the consequences of their actions. We are the ones who will experience the future we have created ourselves. :confused:

What can we do to improve? :smiley_cat:

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Lost ark was marketed by big streamers such as asmongold shroud etc to extort viewership with promoting pay to win and gambling, all the forums went crazy with lost ark is gotcha and whale wars but in reality if you set up a roster of t3 (6+) the amount of materials you get each week is substantial. Coming from someone that has very little except family in life realized complaining and being negative is just wasting your own time from positive progression. The only way to improve our community is to come together and establish order, hear out those with complaints and banter if its unjust use reason to end the conflict. This forum should be used for good not as just another social media platform.
We need a more direct line of communication to AGS and Smilegate, people probably have great ideas for ark but are scared of rejection and humiliation, people who really appreciate this game would probably love an opportunity to talk to a developer to express ideas and concerns. The bottom line is people with hate in their hearts and refuse to change will always be a burden to society, any type of complaint for example bots RMT pheons etc are all perspective to the individual. Tackling the issues one at a time is the most effective, with the right quality of life updates and listening to players Lost ark will flourish we just need to flush out the doubters. :cowboy_hat_face:

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