Lets go arcana mains!


I am sure the road map that is going to be announced this month already has the classes pretty locked in. From previous posts that Roxx has made classes are looking to be released in order of how they were released in KR. Considering Arcana is a OG character in Lost Ark KR version. My guess is she will be coming out in the summer (at least I hope so). I cant help but feel conflicted because I really want my class now because catching up will take a while. Do you guys think we will see 1 class per month going forward or will Smilegate switch gears to two a month?

Since people keep posting that there has been no talks of original classes coming first I am posting this link to where Roxx says it for reference.

Here is a list of class release dates in KR for reference.


i really hope they will releas artist soon, or at the least this year.
i also want other players to get to play their favourite class ASAP.

idk what they will do but i hope they will not go slower than 1 per month


Yeah it sucks because there will always be a loser till all the classes are out… I really hope they shift gears to push out classes faster because it will leave a bad taste in peoples mouth to wait a whole year almost for their class.


Waiting for Scouter personally.

If they really stick with the 1 class/month thing, last class to release should at least get a 1415 pass.
If by then not higher.

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Yeah if they stick to the one a month thing I think scouter is going to be a minute unfortunately. This is all assuming they are going to stick to the which class came out first priority.

Scouter coming in the next batch at least from what’ve seen

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Anything official that you have seen or just speculation?

speculation obviously

No arcana. No Twisted Fate!


Arcana Lame! Arcana at the end.

I don’t think being hateful to others classes is the way to go.


agree, arcana please!

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Not hateful! Just hopefull they gonna release aeromancer at the same time they do on KR :rofl:
Would be a cool surprise

I mean I would love for that to happen as well! I just dont hope they push back classes people are waiting for as a result. If she gets released along side the others I would be super happy.

Roxx’s post the other week basically said it’s unlikely that she’ll come before older classes.

Yeah sadly I think some of the most recent classes are getting pushed back. While I am happy that arcana is looking to be next I am also sad for others.

Yes!! Future Arcana mains unite copium


I mean realistically they’re keeping the 1 unpopular and 1 popular and now with roxx comment saying older classes are first then the next batches are probably summoner or arcana with a popular class, summoner or arcana with a popular class, and finally artist and aeromancer although aeromancer is holy copium

While I really really hope that aeromancer comes out. I dont want it to disrupt people getting their mains. I hope they release 3 classes if they decide to global release. 2 old and then aero to build hype.

U misswrote “Artist” alot

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I didn’t write wrong. While I am hyped for Artist I don’t see it coming out for awhile.