Lets go arcana mains!

Yeah we are only speculating of course. However, Roxx has given enough information to make things point to what we are thinking.

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Thanks for posting this! I saw this post a awhile back but glad others can see the release sequence in KR.

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Your welcome, that should give us a good insight regards what are actually the oldest classes.

Again, you’re postulating something without sufficient evidence. Extreme cognitive bias at work. The opposite of critical thinking.

You are not just asking for disappointment, you’re begging for it.

Absolute broken logical faculties at “work” here.

If we were adhering to release order, we would have launched with arcana summoner etc.

But you didnt. And now you also didn’t get the only remaining possibility of getting them as the first two additions.

There’s nothing to find in the release order for other regions.

We have been told only one thing: do not except artist until the others are released.

No idea what you’re even talking about. You get bent out of shape when someone suggests you drop the unrealistic and self detrimental mentality and imagine you’re some sort of victim.

Spare me that insipid nonsense.

You have google. Get off your ass and use it.

Hey man if you are going to be toxic leave the post my dude no need for that here. We are just a bunch of mages riding the copium train. Also this is a post from Roxx mentioning older classes coming first. She even says original which includes Arcana and Summoner as they were launch classes in KR :slight_smile:

The real problem is that they should have released at least 2 classes per patch.
Switching mains is a problem because the cost is massive and it keeps increasing the longer the game goes on and we get more content.

Nevertheless, if we don’t get Arcana in June, especially when adding more subclasses to those who already have 3-4 classes to pick from is a disservice, then it’s going to be real bad and it’s going to make me question a few things about the game.
Hopefully we get Arcana in June, but honestly it would be much better to get 2 classes per month, since the events themselves have already proven that, just like with the Express Event, someone is going to get screwed over.


Original as in the existing roster not including artist. It’s a statement specifically about the release of artist.

Is English your second language? Context is extremely important in English. You’re ignoring that context entirely.

So either your comprehension is shot or your reasoning is.

You keep using coping as some magical catchall for “what” you’re doing but what you’re actually doing is failing to cope, and sinking into a fantasy based delusion.

As i already said in big bold letters, the only thing we can surmise is that every other class will get released before the shiny new ones Korea just got.

Anything beyond that is a baseless fantasy.

has to be this year. only 5 classes left, one for each month, latest any class could come is october.


also, it’s absolutely not certain that older classes will come out first. paladin, striker, gunslinger, sorceress, glaivier all came out before destroyer who was a base class, and arcana/summoner aren’t here either despite being released before the aforementioned classes. what roxx said was just speculation. ‘I would imagine’.

they never said we will get 1 class a month.

but what they did say is that they are probably releasing classes by release order from now on

no, no they didn’t. but the backlash if they didn’t would be huge. people are alts complaining about how slow classes are being released and inquiring as to why all classes weren’t just released at launch.

like I don’t know, waiting for the main char you want to play while honing for an alt just for content is wasting mats. I don’t like it at all, feel weird. For example, my friend main class is glavier, he wants to play it but he already has a shadow hunter 1400 for content and now he has to spend mats for glavier, doesn’t make any progress at all. And now he is stuck with 2 1400 and he’s grinding hard for 1415 glavier … And we all know how hard it is to do honing after 1370. So …

That’s not what Roxx has said. We expect older classes first. May she reffering only to artist? that we don’t know. That’s it, we’re speculating, you’re being weird at this point, please stop.

At this point we’re only speculating and expeting things, will it go out as we think? that we don’t know. But Arcana was shafted once… fool me once… but twice!? lol.

I am hoping both Summoner and Arcana get released in June, or at least June/July…

June will be the “summer event” for smilegate, and based on what I have heard, they tend to release more content for summer and winter events

Yeah I hope Roxx isn’t speculating as the voice of information to us but you never know. In terms of seeing all the classes before October? I wonder if they are going to stick to the one class a month schedule or two even? They could also go in the way of skipping months which I don’t think is good.

I feel you on the feeling like you are wasting mats honing on getting these characters up while we wait for our mains. Hope we will see some nice catch up things to help push those classes when they come out.

I agree on this 100%. I want to see both mage classes get release in the summer considering they are launch classes that are still missing from the game.


iam waiting for arcana, card one and ink one, as well. meaby in future they will add fan class.

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Summoning Arcana.++++