Lets go arcana mains!

Just a leak.Not confirmed information.

You don’t know me I’m afraid. Forum people I should’ve expected. I’m solely basing my deducitons based on the comments I’ve read from CM’s and twitter and KR interviews, where in fact, I didn’t see you any of your claims, next time try to not name call people, and put up some facts instead. Edit: For example, Director initially wanted to have 1 class per 2 months instead of 1 and he didn’t give any reasoning behind this, he thought that was fast and the uproar came across that so “we got it faster now”. I’ve also read comments of the AGS stating that more class releases at the same time are “tricky” because of the skins moddeling and adaption and stuff.

That is not a leak? Roxx literally said it on a forum post lol.

And based on that, what should come next then?

Arcana and Summoner are the classes that were in KR release but not in NA’s.

For reference

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Thanks for actually bringing a source btw. I’ve read a comment from Roxx that Summoner isn’t leading any time soon the class releases, no fact given why tho, she hinted more reworks on the way but the next rework on KR is on end of year so I guess it could be true. But the fact she commented on a Scouter post makes me literally think it’s going either Scouter and Summoner/Arcana. edit: And since we already saw Arcana pulled out quickly from the old roadmap… I hope!

Its not oficial statement.That means Its Just a leak.

Wow do you understand that This statement can change.its even writen there.Even i would expect.Its from the point of view of roxx.Its not official statement.

  • expectation - a strong belief that something will happen or be the case.

Roxx works for the publishing side of Lost Ark as a CM. Maybe we should look up what the definition of a leak is because I think you might be a bit out of touch here. Sure, her saying it on the forums is not a confirmation. I never said it was or is but she does have insight that we are not evident to since she works there. :rofl:

@Roxx just wrote this on another post just now. Copium arcana please.


How are you sure that the road map will include Arcana if you’re not even sure that they’ll announce the roadmap this month? ●▅▇█▇▅▄▄▌

They did say in the recent update post for the valtan update that we would be seeing a roadmap in May. Now that could be delayed (I hope not).

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Summoning the copium!

I remember them saying we’ll get a roadmap prior to game release… we only got our first roadmap 2 months after release

True, I think AGS is trying to build back some rapport with the community. Lets hope they learned from the last road map and we see it in a timely manner.

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Still If It is not on a roadmap all are Just leaks.

A leak is information that is taken as official that has be shown to the public before it is ready. This is more of speculation not a leak my dude.

Ok brosis then Its speculation.Same thing In another color.Still not oficial statement…Btw even If roxx work as official cm he dont know what will happend In lost ark tomorrow.Thats why every post is writen so neutral.In every post If you read and understand have been used words like it posible to change,are working right now,i except,probably etc.

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Summoner and Reaper, most likely Summoner since ppl have been crying over it since it got replaced by Sorc on launch. Also Arcana really needs rework, the RNG is just soo bad with that class.