Let's hear from those that don't support Artist's censorship

For those that believe Artist’s censorship is unnecessary or even unhealthy to their gaming experience in Lost Ark. Would you please kindly list out the specific reasons that would impact or prove detrimental to your ability to perform at your peak performance?

How does not seeing Artist’s underwear impact your ability to cast Artist’s skills since the majority of time during an encounter you will not be seeing her underwear because your POV is elevated above your character?

Note: Please refrain from dragging in unnecessary topics such as Shadow Hunter’s censorship, Vykas’ revealing top…etc, we want to have a civilized discussion specifically concerning the state of an unreleased class that could still potentially be salvaged if the reasons listed here are plausible.

:star: Update: :star: After reading through hundreds of replies this past 24 hours, I have arrived at a conclusion. The absence of Artist’s underwear due to censorship does not impede the performance of player controlling the Artist in any form. Moreover, the reasons people are upset about Artist’s censorship lie outside of encounters (pvp, chaos, field boss, legion raid…etc) since your POV does not allow you to gaze at the censored contents.

So my new inquiry is: Why are those who don’t support Artist’s censorship so fixated on this game alone if censorship does not impact the core gameplay and when there are numerous other venues online to satiate your desires of below-the-waist sceneries?

Lastly, I’ve already stated in my third post the reason AGS need to play it safe. If your occupation/livelihood is threatened by potential criminal charges or lawsuits, just like AGS, you too would opt for the route of “better safe then sorry”.

TL:DR Artist’s censorship does not affect core gameplay and is merely a superficial setback that impacts players experience while outside of combat. AGS wants to “play it safe” to avoid potential litigation, anyone who have a livelihood should respect that. Would this decision alienate some players? Quite possibly. But would it be worse than being sued by disgruntled players over Artist’s controversial appearance? Not by a long shot.


All they’re going to say is some variation of “it’s not about the panties, it’s about censorship!!” While that’s all that’s being altered lol.


censored or not, it’s still an awesome support


Why not just look at one of the 20-something other threads instead of making another one? :thinking:


Could you link me a thread that specifically discusses about how an Artist’s performance is negatively correlated with the amount of skin censored below her waist? :thinking:


I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the world several times over and have had the privilege to experience so many very different cultures. One thing that was made very obvious, but most Americans (born and bred USA myself) have a really hard time believing is that aside from predominantly Muslim nations, we are the most censored and sexually repressed in the world. It obviously stems from our quaker roots and is ingrained in our society more than most American’s realize. I personally think that all of this censoring of fantasy based video game characters is just silly. Perhaps they feel the heat, like every other marketing team in the country, of the Woke militia.


1 everyone hates censorship (when it’s shit they care about)

2 in the same way if you support censorship you have a personal agenda, most people would never be able to climb to or stay on the moral highgrounds they claim to be commenting from and they’re either there just to stir shit up or to feel good about themselves, but they don’t actually care about the topic at hand.

And so if you care about seeing the panties on your artist, you would naturally be against that being taken away from you, whereas if you’re the type of person that has issues with intrusive thoughts you would find yourself taking out a big chunk of your free time to inserting yourself into discussions about them instead of realizing it had 0 effect on you from the start.

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So your logic is that because censorship doesn’t alterate combat experience or skill ability, it should be ok? Then why put it in the first place? Your topic totally miss the point as regard to censorship. And your agument go both ways.


I believe the censorship is put in place due to laws in the States against distribution of images of underage persons that may potentially be sexualized in certain contexts and an Artist’s model closely resemble to that of a minor. Please note that even if the “lore of Lost Ark” states that Artists are not minors and are actually hundreds of years old, this does not in any way shape or form change the fact that this fictional character resembles a minor in appearance. If a “fictional lore” is all that is needed to bypass a law, there would be no reason for any law to impose an age restriction on certain activities.

I hope you digest this thoroughly and reply responsibly.


It’s uncessary and unjust. The game is rated 17/18+ depending on your local countries interpretation of Mature rating.

It’s that simple but i’ll explain.

There is nothing to censor.



pretty simple.

If they want to censor so much artist or not even some classes/NPC have been censored so…

why do they then tell us to go to twitch for drops where you then see females in the very revealing clothing that they censor in the game?

hot tub section anyone?

can you explain that to me? I’m just curious?

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Ngl I read what you said.

But the reason she looks childlike to Americans is because 30% of the country is obese.

The rarity of petite girls in America is like a needle in a haystack.

Specialist is more akin to eastern beauty standards.


Probably not it. There are thousands of steam (and other) games that are way more explicit than anything in this game, and the multiple other mmos in the past and present that have similar content


Koikatsu party is an example. If we are using same logic for specialist cenorship, koikatsu should be banned.

But its not, only like 29.99.

It’s cuz they wouldn’t give a shit if anyone complained or tried to get them banned, but amazon is already busy with everyone hating them (mind you they still use their products 99% of the time) and they’re trying their hardest to seem likable anywhere they can, it just always backfires cuz companies have no brain

Im against them changing artist but they will do it anyway because they are part of western culture where we are sheep and have to follow the 1% of people and what they want :slight_smile: And the 1% wants to make sure you cant see video games particles a certain way so here we are.

To me… do i care if they have panties or shorts? no not really… but why make is such a high priority…

Also it doesnt make sense… if they just published the game as is without all this crap they could of spent the money they are paying these people to change skin tone/panties/ etc and make a proper working game.

I also want to point out at a time they said we would get “censored skins and Uncensored skins” so they would add more not take away for those who prefer that. I dont think i’ve really seen this so yea… xD


Every pro censor person keeps trying to frame this like this is about weirdos wanting to see panties.

AGS didn’t just say covering up underwear I don’t think anyone cares much about that generally speaking. They also said making pants longer etc. Which means it’s not just about covering her private bits it’s potentially about heavily censoring anything she wears to appease a specific crowd with conservative ideals.

So understandably people who don’t mind a child like figure in ‘cute’ not creepy outfits is concerned she’ll look stupid similar to the experience people have had with female SH etc.

There is also people who are just anti censorship who in general will push against censorship of art of any kind based on principal.

Maybe 1 in a thousand against the censorship is actually some kind of weirdo.


No, stop posting mental gymnastics around censorship as if its ok because it doesn’t affect gameplay. It’s not about it but more of the Idea behind it.
I am against Censorship in general, the word censorship shouldn’t exist here, only in third world country, dictatorship regime, and communism.

If its art, if its news, if its gaming, if its story, if its original then it shouldn’t be censored. That is all there is to it. They have done this many times and still do it and the backlash should be more vocal, start talking with your wallet.

Some people are really tired of censorship coming from this company, being vocal is a peaceful way about it but if people want to take action i can see people starting to bot more, rmt more or even gatekeep more or even hopping to different region.

There are soo many issues with this game already and they are taking our cash to not give us the original experience from where the game comes from. We had shadowhunter skins changes, we had starter costume changes, its starting to pile up with the other problem where resources aren’t really focused on, Bots, Rmts, disconnection, bad servers, gate keeping, bad game mechanics, tedious daily grinding so on. Its not Amazon alone but they have some say in the agenda pushed towards Smilegate.

How many games/products/movies has Amazon failed now?
lets look at crucible
lets look at New world
Now lets look at Lost ark
What’s this? they’re going to ruin blue protocol next?
Do you not see a pattern here?
We can get into movies too and talk about that Lord of the ring failure.
Are people starting to see yet?


Censorship tends to be championed by those who cannot handle the reality of things usually due to willful ignorance. They want to be offended or bothered by something so much they need for everyone else to feel or think the same way and censor it. The echo chamber is all they know. Censorship in any form is never OK.


I support artist release, because it’s a useful class to have to both help out those who like to play support with more options and those who have been holding a placeholder for Artist to help out the Support shortage (SOME).

I could care less if they feel the need to change the clothing a little so that I have less cutscene crotch flashing 12 year olds getting me added onto more FBI lists. However, if this is in any way the reason to push Artist to April, i’d rather be on the lists.

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