Let's hear from those that don't support Artist's censorship

Sure if you are fine without it , you should be fine with it as well.

ur reply make no sense to my comment

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This is a copy paste of my message from another Thread about the censorship to which a couple seemed to agree on. All we really want is Original visuals and think after having seen how much unnecessary censorship happened, that its enough. That we need to have a voice.
In terms of artist its the exact same back to you: You’re pointing out gameplay isnt affected in any way shape or form, or mode like PVP that’s true but at the same time is it affecting you if it wasnt censored? Cant you just be mature ignore and move on if there’s visually something there that you dont enjoy?. But what it is affecting for us is what we’ve seen Original Gameplay in KR, JP, RU that we were anticipating, like the shadowhunter Demon form that got unnecessarely adjust etc. and things we end up having to deal on a daily basis being censored will piss people off eventually, shadowhunter or as example artist or some skins being censored of other classes that got deemed too sexual. More below of my Copy paste comment.

Most of us if not all are here to fight for the original KR Visuals, not some westernized appropriate version of Lost ark that fits to what AGS believes our society is like.
Original KR Visuals have been slowly more and more swapped/removed/changed and the moment it has to do with something that we have to deal on a daily basis like the Shadowhunter Demonform, being darker because pasty white people dont exist, or the Artist being censored despite the game having the Mature tag and the Artist, in our opinion has very much access to bodyproportions and setups of face that would make her look indeed young but have the proportions of a adult female.

Yes im talking for the people that are Anti censorship, im not trying to get another whole text of why its not proportioned , in all respect dont reply with that please, we’ve had quite a big convo yesterday about that and sorted things.

We dont see why the artist would have to be censored since the proportions do not match those of an underaged female. Neither do the already existing skins in KR / RU / JP have to be censored when importing it to the EU/NA version due to the Mature Tag. its just silly. If players really feel uncomfortable seeing Artists run around in panties then my goodness, the moment you see something odd in a train in public are you gonna scream out of your lungs too that you cant believe whatever you seen and that it makes you feel uncomfortable? Most likely if some drunken person, or stupid teens do whatever in a train, i doubt any people would bother to actually pick a fight over that. Any common sense people would just mind their own business and move on if whatever it is doesnt hurt anyone.

Just to clarify once again. This whole example up there was about the artist just to bring it closer to you that even specifically for the artist there shouldnt be any issues. But to be very exact about it, we want the original Visual files, this contains;

  • No blackwashing random ass NPCs
  • No Removal of facial options/presets from the original game since they fully swapped some of the original facial options for cultural diverse ones instead of just ADDING THEM in addition.
  • No Censor on future Skins (Im typing future, i know that there’s no current censored ones with exception of the Martial artist base armourless visuals)
  • No Dark, barely visual Demonform of Shadowhunters (Everyone was looking forward the moment it got released in KR)
  • No Visual changes to any future classes just because AGS believes it adds racial diversity or is too sexualized or whatever else.

That’s all we are fighting for.

But we all get the same treatment from Pro censor people, all they think we have in mind is panties and young looking artists. Doesnt matter how often, how respectful, how elegant we write our threads and opinions about getting the original visual content. People here that are pro censorship will just be like “Oh so this person is anti censorship, they have not used the word panties yet but i’ll just add that there anyways because its obviously a perv and creep that’s just interested in comparing brush sizes with the artist”

It’s starting to get boring, to hear the same arguments over and over replying to our comments and blatantly ignoring the key features in our comments such as “we want the original visuals”

The focus isnt on Panties and seemingly sexual content. We all are mature enough to not be wild animals. This game is by tag for 18+ people therefor there shouldnt be neither kids playing the game, that alone is a bannable offense and can cost your account. Therefor there should be no catering for sensitive people. Its not like people that are sensitive to guns play Call of duty and beg the developers to replace the guns with nerfguns or whatever. No reason to come here and ask the publishers to change things because you cant endure something that is included in the MATURE Tag.

Dont deny a man a steak, just because a child cant chew~

Added to this thread; I think personally the best way to adjust and make it perfect for all players is to have an Addon via steam that doesnt automatically install but rather only if you manually download it. A free addon that contains the original point of view of Lost ark in KR for visuals. Basically like Voicelines but instead for visuals. That way AGS can prompt Smilegate to do whatever ethically/moraly westernized change thats most likely unneeded for their “Non-Addon-Version” and when the game gets an update the “Addon” will get the original Visual files instead. Said thing isnt hard to do at all but will cost a bit more Space on your harddrive and the servers. At core tho im sure a totally not Indie company like Amazon is could easily afford that if the result is happy players over all in terms of what we expect to get. (This obviously does not contain all the issues of servers, bots etc. that obviously wont be solved like that. At least players will not be pissed off at odd changes that AGS deemed needed)


So if you don’t like something just pretend it doesn’t exist “go somewhere else”

If that the case why would it matter if it does or does not exist

Again, ur comments make no sense nor relevant at all

So you agree gotcha

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You will still get the outfits. You wont even notice a difference unless you are looking for it and it doesnt affect your gameplay, so why does it matter to you so much if you have shorts underneath vs underwear?


Hidden cause they dont want you to check their profile to see if they get suspended :rofl:, at least Celin and that UnoCard guy isnt a chicken

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Any thread discussing censorship of any kind always devolves into degeneracy and mudslinging, per usual


We cant really know what goes behind the scenes.

Partially due to woke culture, but let s see what happens

I like how the pro panties side hasnt still provided a valid point in months aside needing to put artist next to clown at 90 bars or valtan.



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Wait what? ofc im not a chicken lol i have nothing to hide unlike some of you guys :flushed:

Exactly, majority wont even notice the change unless they put the selfie mode on a lower angle and start looking for it

Also, they do have multi accounts (the anti censorship guys) and i already proved it lmao

Their only reason for not wanting this change is “beacuse Kr have it” then you say: okay lets get everything kr has as the expensive pet system that you can only buy it with real money, etc.
Then they will say no we don’t want that, we want certain things that exist in the kr server not everything kekw.

“We wont the game just like ke no changes”

God i wish they put leg skins for 700 bucks rng loot boxes.

Id be laughing my ass pff watching the same ppl post 103729 times a day bout that

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You’re multiaccounting as well, after you got banned by my report, you created straight away “notCelinkek” and continued, ignoring completely the fact that you also “revealed” people been multiaccounting and that they’re pathetic etc.

Got your second account banned too for ban avoiding, was nice.

Can you stop trying to be mean toward us, so we can stop being mean to you?


I would love to see this too lol, people will go crazy when they spend money and receive 0 legendary skins lol

I will laugh if they made it like Diablo Immortal where someone spend thousands and get no 5 star gem keke

I mean thats how it works in Kr right now kekw

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Let me ask you this, what’s the difference between stones with pheons and legendary skins?