Lets make it better


I just wanted to provide my own feedback. I am sure there are similar perspectives regarding these issues, which may or may not have been posted on this forum. I wanted to provide these issues to the Lost Ark team so that they can potentially be fixed when the game actually releases; most of them technical and small.

The following in-game issues include (Please be advise there may be spoilers):

  1. During the cutscenes, there are a lot of words that are mushed together (i.e., Hello my ‘nameis’ Karen). There were quite a lot during the cutscenes for each island that was visited. I have reached level 50 during my time playing and it seems this occurrence is occurring throughout each island storyline to find the 7 Arks. I have continued to see this upon reaching the island of North Vern, which is quite a ways from the beginning, unless you are speed running the storyline.
  2. There was an animation when the player had to grab the rope in Borea’s Domain where they were “surrounded by demons.” The cutscene showed the player’s avatar still bending their back (like how you would swing forward from the rope) instead of landing on the wall with impact. This scene had no particular mechanics or physics with an impact on the wall where the avatar landed. Please note, the ‘horse animation’ was hilarious, I would keep that.
  3. Assuming the dungeons have already been fixed, there were some instances when the avatar was placed somewhere else in the dungeon instead of the start; respectively, the entrance. There were some issues where the avatar was completely stuck and couldn’t move or there was an imaginary wall that couldn’t be passed. I won’t go into detail of this, but I am pretty sure the community has experienced this already which is more than support to this post.
  4. When trying to obtain hard to reach Mokoko seeds, there were instances when the avatar is able to go through the walls to reach them but some walls required a little more struggle to go through them. Also, no I am not talking about where you have to “play either a song” or “do something special” to receive the seeds. This goes for Mokoko seeds in dungeons and outside of them. This could be fixed, but I don’t think it is a huge issue because you can still reach them.
  5. Upon arriving Anikka, the player had the opportunity to join the ‘tournament’ in Port City Changhun. Everything went quite well; however, at the end of the ‘tournament’ when doing a rapport quest with the “Chinese Lion Dogs,” to grab the Trophy, the animation was not fluid. When observing the background animation to the trophy animation, it was completely lagging while the surrounding environment was very smooth.
  6. When fighting the World Bosses, some of them would reset and go back to full-health points (HP) (i.e., Chaotic Chuo and Chuo). Other world boss such as: Salt Giant; Rovlen; Rudric; Wili-Wili; and Caspiel (probably other world bosses too, I haven’t gone that far yet) would not reset their health point to full. I am unsure if this is suppose to happen, where the World Boss is suppose to recover their full-health or not. Having the HP bar being reset because they went outside of their own boundaries is quite painful when players had officially got them to half-HP or less. Challenging and strategic for players, when there is a chance of reset when not looking, but annoying if you are on a real-life time crunch.
  7. I am unsure if this has been implemented; however, is there a world server chat? I am unsure, I thought it would benefit new players to ask questions they may have from experienced players. Luckily there is the setting for players to either switch on and off between these chats if they find it a hindrance to read.
  8. Upon reaching Arthetine, the voice acting was AMAZING. However, there were instances when using the “radio stations” the voice would not sound like it was coming from a radio call; rather, it sounded clear and crisp as if the NPC was present. A good example of this occurrence is when running the “Heart of Sceptrum” and “Dr. Bergstrom’s Laboratory” dungeon.
  9. When receiving specific items like the “Cards,” they have a tendency to lag the screen when “right-clicking” them. I am unsure why this issue is occurring, could be the player or the actual servers accommodating for the closed beta. Would definitely look into this occurrence.
  10. I am sure the Lost Ark (LA) team responsible for the game would provide this for the players when the game releases; however, having more channels would definitely assist incoming players. Having 1 to 10 channels may cause quite a lot of micro-drama in the game that may lead to a political sense of subservience. I do not know if the LA team would accommodate for this, however, having 50+ channels during launch would definitely solve a lot of the lag issues in-game and likely player’s problems (i.e., kill stealing, item collection, etc.). Moreover, reducing them later on can always be an option. Keeping in mind that some of them are accepted and doesn’t widely affect us all.

The following feedback is currently all the things that could potentially assist in bettering the game. Hope this helps.

A Lost Ark Player