Lets see how heavily our version censored. (images from other servers)

Can’t you literally just wait a few month?
Who the hell tells you that other skins won’t release?
Use your god damn brain, idk how your head is so clouded from dumb people that the only respond you have to a game and AGS that EVERYTHING is bad?
It’s literally insane how you can say bs like that.

People are just redicioulus, I don’t get it. It’s literally like arguing with cult people, that’s how insane these andys are.

how are you down this bad my man, go outside, do yourself a favor

cant we talk about other minor issues, do we have complain about honing rates, game not being season 2 but being season 1.5? there are topics for those matters, go cry in there.

AGS confirmed to have censored only the starting outfits and that the original ones were a drop from starting zones.
Well, people is finding more and more censored outfits later in the game and none never dropped the original starting outfits yet.

AGS just did what every greed vendor does, LIE TO THE CUSTOMERS.

Stop defending them because you have fun spending 12 hours per day in this F2Access paradise. When people can play something for free their brain goes in vacation denying even the obvious. AGS lied as they lied when they said the shop was irrilevant, there must be 10 posts like this every minute FFS! They HAVE TO UNDERSTAND WE ARE NOT STUPID AND WE WANTED THE ORIGINAL VERSION OF THE GAME. This shit is even rated 18+ and there is gore everywhere. Do you guys in US go to the beach with ski suites???


I will glady bet $50 that @roxx and the crew will censor the upcoming skins like the korean swimsuit line.

0.000% chance that comes out exact like it is in korea.
Look at the trashy store skins now. barely show any skin.

It’s China levels of censorship.

There are entire sections of various outfits that have been full on painted over lol.

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The argument that nothing will be censored just because there exists something that isn’t censored is so far from valid logic that you might as well dive off a cliff with it.

OMG cartoon boobs rofl. come on people you are better than this. does it really matter that much? Maybe it does…I just don’t get it.

They should remove Rains Rave I think

America is extremely prudish due to its protestant roots.

The censorship isn’t for “conservative guys.” It’s so parents are more open to letting their kids play the game and keeping off the news about how its “corrupting the youth.”

If you need cartoon boobs that badly, you can go to rule34.

this post shouldnt have been removed, hes telling the truth

in this thread:


people complaining about feedback.

people calling out the people complaining about feedback.

people complaining about being called out for complaining about feedback.

there’s an awful lot of white knights here shilling out for a company that doesn’t care about them, instead of actually playing the game since it’s so great. :roll_eyes:

Lmao they censor skins but specifically use the word “magick” (with a k at the end) whenever they can. I’d advise everyone to look up “magick” and the guy that invented it. It’s all about that one thing they’re trying to censor



The new excuse for censorship in all forms both in game and on the forums is that “they’re trying to make the game more family friendly” while ignoring the fact this game is rated mature. The reasoning ultimately doesn’t matter. It’s clear they’re going to continue censoring and changing content to suit their ideals and our opinions on the subject are irrelevant.

Maybe Blizzard inspired them.

Or well adjusted people don’t care about slightly less cleavage since it has 0 impact on gameplay.

It’s a private company and they can do whatever they want as long as it falls within the boundaries of the law. No excuse is needed, because it’s how the world works.

Terrible strawman.

At least be honest and simply state you don’t like my take, or that you support censorship.

if you don’t care why are you here? would you complain if blood was censored green? if the gore was removed?

what a moronic post. if you don’t care, get lost.

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