Lets see how Russian server did

When the Thronespire cheat hasn’t been spreaded, they already limit the ilv in Russian Server.

22 floor - require ilv1445
25 floor - require ilv1460

Yet AGS is still silent after 2 months the Thronespire cheating was detected. A good game really depends on its franchisee.


Please modify the entry conditions


AGS has lose our confidence.


So disappointed.


I had no idea this happened in RU. People have been suggesting a fix like this since the first video of a bot hacking it popped it up but still no actions.

This is a really bad look for sg/ags.

How does this go live in our version in the first place if it had to be changed on RU?

How does it stay live for 2 months with no changes when RU has already implemented a good solution?


I am surprised you ever had confidence in their management.


Now Korean Server also updates.


haha and western region is dead silent and a complete clown fiesta


i feel like locking it behind ilvl is the best solution for now while it doesn’t screw over legit players but stops bots at least a little bit.
can we get a CM to bring this to their team.

Dont worry they “will let the team know”


What team ? :smiley:


That would be a good move to do

I think the move to make it ilvl gated is correct. it also works on anguished isle.

plot-twist: ‘twisted-devs’ dont wnt to patch it else it’ll break the bot programs they made themselves :clown_face:

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just like how they only listened to players suggesting to make the chaos dungeon npc materials ‘untradable’ - very late…

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It is too late.

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Can’t even make this stuff up.

Thronespire hacks have significantly contributed to wrecking our economy.

We have been pointing out this issue in hundreds (probably thousands) of forum posts asking for a change and suggesting changes we think would work.

No action or response.

Then it comes out RU already had a fix for this in their game and now KR is adding one to theirs.

And we still don’t have a fix?!? Or even just a post letting the community know that this change is coming to our version next patch or within the next month.

In the words of our great leader “come on man”.

Maybe you should all quit. You seem very unhappy with something that should be bringing you enjoyment.

Appreciate the advice.

Despite finding this game extremely fun and playing pretty much every day since release, the number of issues that have gone unresolved and ignored despite being fixed in other regions is very frustrating.

The amount of bots that I see in the open world outnumbering real players 20-1 is very frustrating. The ineffective measures to address bots and RMT transactions.

The feeling that the people in charge give zero f’s about improving the game and instead care solely on how much money it’s generating and how the player count numbers look to outsiders.

I think you’re right and it’s time to just move on to a different game and quit.

I hope you continue to enjoy your time playing and that they can make some good changes before it turns into new world 2.0.

Totally agree with this. We love this game, but all the problems is chipping away our fun from this game bit by bit. AGS need to make a come back and get things right.

But don’t worry, the team will handle it…

“The team” :