Let's talk about 1100 chaos dungeon again

I know there are probably 50 topics regarding this on these forums at this point, but I’ve yet to see a single CM/dev response to any of them (please link the thread if I missed it).

It would be very nice to get at least some sort of answere on this topic, some sort of reasoning behind why 1302 gear is not tradable. I’ve thought about it a lot and I can’t figure out a reason for it, and I’m clearly missing something here. But whatever reason there was at release, shouldn’t that be irrelevant by now?

Personally this doesn’t affect me too much beyond the frustration of not having a reason for it. I’ve just hit 1100 on my 9th character and if it has to be unplayable for a few days it’s w/e. But doesn’t this negatively affect everyone? New players comming to 1100, returning players and especially for class releases when people are hyped and maybe finally got “their main”.

If you don’t get the full set of 1302 gear that character is effectively “dead” untill you do. There’s no point in doing guardians/unas, in fact it’s straight up a waste of time and you are far better off saving the rested untill you can get T3 rewards.

I’d be good with any kind of info on this. To be fair, even if we are told this isn’t a big enough issue to spend dev time on it would at least be a response.

Rant over.

May RNJesus bless your soul.

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Yeah this is kinda weird. I didn’t notice it before but I got another character to Tier 3 and thought it was weird there was nothing on the market for gear.

So I had to wait another day as I already did my 2 chaos dungeons and guardian raids that day. (didn’t think I’d finish the punika story same day)

But I did get all the pieces I needed for initial 1302 gear from the two chaos dungeons the next day and started honing.