Let's talk about beards?

I’m noticing a distinct lack of hirsute characters in the game from the preview images. I am concerned I will not be able to be able to share my love of my man mane! So please tell me, are there beards in the game, or just a little bit of scruff and stubble?

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Sadly, only a bit of scruff and stubble. I want to say the options for warrior are 5 different styles? None of them are particularly good because they’re patchy. I say this as a woman who loves a good five o’clock shadow.

Asians don’t really have much beard growth so it’s not something they’re very used to depicting and seeing.
It’s the same in FFXIV beards are basically non-existent it’s pretty rare to see beards in Japanese media and even rarer in Korean media.

Koreans love young, clean faces. You’re going to just have to live with the fact that you’ll be playing pretty boys and girls in this game.

Fortunately, you’ll be viewing your character from far away most of the time.