Lets talk about class releases

Honestly I still can believe how stupid I was to believe…

If sorc could be our starting class because it’s the generic mage there in no reason artist could not be second. I assume that they didn’t want people dropping the game because of the child class and negative pr.

Now if we go in the release order it’s still doesn’t make a fucking sense.

LM over 3rd assassin or a 3rd mage ?

Its funny how the game is full with reapers summoners and scouters at endgame but the classes releases before them have almost 0 representation.

At this point it doesn’t matter if artist releases February or April. There is a reason it’s the 3rd most popular class in kr, so everyone who is waiting will push.

So if we assume that class release is a big fat lie.
If we assume demonic form excuse was a big fat lie.

Why can’t we assume that unable to handle bots or disconnects isn’t a big fat lie either.

We have seen that the servers could instantly be taken down for 60 pheons. but to take them down mass ban bots and rmt seems good impossible?

Nah I call it bullshit.

this is gonna hurt by i have to say it.

Just because Lost Ark is a priority to you, it doesn’t mean it’s a priority to them (AGS).

They probably don’t think about it 24/7 as much as you guys in the forums do. So just play what they are giving you or just end the toxic relationship with the game and move on

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