Let's Talk About Client Instability

Client instability has been plaguing me since the 1st major update to the game. It’s no secret that a lot of people have issues with the game client one way or another and some people tend to have their issues resolved but I seem to be one of the rare examples of having tried everything known thus far and nothing working.

As it stands the game is literally unplayable. I’m not being hyperbolic when I say this - Within the morning hours of playing this game (8AM to 12PM ish~) I have crashed a total of 7 times. I’m really sick and tired of crashing during a raid/dungeon and having to log back in (long EAC wait or client boot) and sometimes by the time i’m back the dungeon gets abandoned and I get booted from the run. This isn’t the experience I want (nor do other people enjoy having a raid member be disconnected mid raid/dungeon) nor does it make the game fun for me but I care and have invested a lot of time and money into this game so I want to bring this issue to AGS and Smilegates attention because it drastically impedes many peoples ability to enjoy the game.

My computer is well beyond the minimum requirements for this game, and I play this game on the settings that yield me the highest performance with the lowest quality.

Some disclaimers:
-Turned off both Nvidia/Discord overlays and any other overlays aside from Steam (required for Shop purchases)
-Updating/rolling back my graphics drivers (both don’t help)
-I have tried steam launcher (novsync, useallcores)
-I have tried reinstalling the game and following the proper restart/cleaning steps.
-I have verified the client
-I have set the game to fullscreen to attempt to address any possible performance outliers
-I have tried using image scaling via Nvidia GeForce Experience to try and help with performance issues.

When I crash it’s not server connection related - it’s client related. I have tested this with a friend of mine on discord. When I crash my character is still seen connected to the server but the client on my end does not show the window/client whatsoever (The client is still running in the background and is in the app tray).

I have done everything I can think of on my end to help with these crashes and nothing helps. I have waited for this game since 2017 and have bought all the founders packs. I am a huge fan of this game to say the least and I really feel cheated after putting 1400 hours into this game with no fix to client stability in sight. Please AGS, please Smilegate - fix this issue. I want to continue to enjoy playing this game as I have tried to thus far but it’s honestly exhausting when nothing I can do on my end helps. I’m considering quitting this game for good and that really sucks because I want to continue enjoying this game.