Let's talk about South Vern oyster collection

So, a little preface here. In order to complete the Adventurer’s Tome in South Vern, you must collect 30 “Fresh Oysters” to create one of the recipe’s needed for completion.

Now. Under most circumstances and in most places, such a task shouldn’t be that hard. It’s just an oyster. How hard could it be to collect 30 oysters to craft a dish? I mean, this place it right on the water, I technically should be able to go buy 30 Fresh Oysters from any number of vendors, but alas, this is a video game with arbitrary rules.

So, what is the issue with these oysters? Well, let me spin you a yarn. I’ve been running around for the past 5 hours, from oyster spawn to oyster spawn, and I’ve collect 3 fresh oysters. I need 30. Does anyone not see the issue with this? The droprate from the spawn is just simply way, way too low. It could be easily tripled and this would still be a task that would take nearly an entire game day to complete. Others are also having this issue, the droprate must be easily less than 10%. I’d be willing to bet it’s less than 8%.

The problem is exacerbated by the fact that spawns aren’t instanced, players have to compete over every spawn. If someone beats you to a oyster breeding spawn, congrats, you’re fucked. Oh, and for some reason we can’t create private channels so we can have all the spawns to ourselves, but whatever. Doesn’t change the fact the droprate is absolutely abysmal.

Listen, this shit, has to stop. This isn’t the only instance of mechanics like this in the game. There are multiple problems like this throughout the game, and they need to be addressed at some time. This isn’t meaningful gameplay, this isn’t a worthwhile gaming experience. I’m only doing it because I have to in order to complete the Adventurer’s Tome and get the vendor at my Stronghold. This is not something that needs to be gated by an extremely sadistic timesink.

Like what the fuck? Nobody enjoys this. It’s cancerous. It’s the most annoying type of “busywork”. You don’t even feel accomplished when you complete it, you only get a feeling of “Wow, I’m fucking glad that’s over with because it was completely stupid.”

At some point, there needs to be a pass on all these types of collectibles, and in most cases, whenever you see a drop rate, just by default, err on the side of caution and player sanity and say “triple it”. Holy shit.

That’s all.


i really support this, this kind of work is redicolous and just something to get annoyed of before u start it, dont get the point why something hast to fail for about 90 percent and then just have 6 or 7 spots where it can spawn.

plz fix this bullshit

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Gathered over 1k yorn mushrooms
Gathered over 700+ oysters
I’ve been doing yorn una task food with 3 chars for over 2 months. Opened more than 150+ chests and still didn’t drop the meat!
I’ve been doing Moake since the day it first died without missing it and still don’t have the Omnium star.
And there is also infamous Isle of Yearning token that takes hundreds of hours grinding to drop and even then you’re considered lucky!

People who decided the RNG values for collectibles must be forced to gather all collectibles on 3-4 different accounts. Only then they will realize how bad of an experience it is for players. It literally kills all the fun game has to offer. If you want to make players spend more time on your game, bring content that is enjoyable. Not this kind of stuff that frustrates players to the point of losing their sanity!


Well I’m guessing the game dev wants to make it challenging and drag the content out as much as they can.
But IMO, the design of these RNG oyster collection for S. Vern is taking pleasure away from the game. Who in their right mind would want to run around collect these things, which is based of RNG and not to mention that you are competing with people at times?
I don’t think many of us are into this sort of thing. It’s a pain. So yes, a change the quest for this particular adventure tome would be great.

If we make the RNG for these things really really low, then players will be forced to play the game forever! The longer someone plays, the higher the chance of them spending money. Build the frustration on these menial tasks and get instant gratification by spending real money.

People are in the right for calling out this bs.

You know the drop rate is shit when people are using macro bots to just spam click the spawns over night.

The drop rates in this game are a fucking joke.