Let's talk about the business model - Cosmetic shop instead of the current one

Before we start talking about things I have to quote something here:

Regarding the skins we got this answer. It’s worth to mention that some other cm’s already talked about skins and one of them even said that skins are not really important.

You can look up for the exact comment about this in this topic:

My question is: Did you guys even look at the market?

You have this business model which is built on real money exchange for materials and you think that skins are not important?

Do you guys even play videogames?

Riot Games is literally making a fortune just by selling skins and other cosmetic things and that’s the the tip of the iceberg. Did you see the Call of Duty ingame shop? Fortnite? Any of those ring a bell?

Do you even know how much money is spent on skins in these games? Well, me neither… but I can guess, cause well… I have eyes? I bet you have more resources than me for market research so maybe use those.

My question is:
Wouldn’t be the obvious step in this case to rehaul the shop and instead of focusing materials, go with a cosmetic shop approach?

If not: Why?

I think if you would remove the material/real money exchange from the shop and every P2W aspect along with that, people wouldn’t even mind to pay for new classes for example. Of course, as long as we could grind currency for them ingame too.

Also the statement from @Roxx is such a silly excuse. Just imagine if Riot Games would only release skins when those skins would be available for all the champions.

You do not need to mod them, we are perfectly fine with the skins which are available in KR. You can release your own and modified skins on a later date and even censore those into the woke hell, I don’t care personally as long as they are additional contents.

People wont get mad if you release skins (your example) but scrapper and gunslinger wont get too much yet, they just want skins and a business model built around cosmetics.

Honestly, you should really fire your hire ups if they couldn’t even do this kind of market research.

But let me bring you a small example here… maybe it will be representative:

So, guys: If you would rather have a cosmetic based shop just leave a #cosmeticshop in your comment, thanks!

For the smartasses: Yeah, I know this game is like that in KR, but I’m not from there and I wont be. I’m fine with cosmetic shop and yes, they can make this change if they work on it.

If they not, they can at least start releasing freakin skins.


Oh my f. GOD! Just read this! Just read this and think about it how incompetent is this company. They want more data! Cause the forum is only a minority! How … are they? These people are working in this industry and my God they have 0 knowledge about their own work.

What date? You have the same payerbase as Riot Games, as Square Enix as Activision-Blizzard. They already gathered all the data needed what this audience likes not.

They already walked the path before you and you even fail to copy their homework? My god…how is that possible that some people can still something like that in this industry?

This is the very sad truth…


While I agree they probably will lock/mute/nuke the thread later. They are sensitive to this kind of feedback right now

From a business point of view it is a critical mistake truly.
If KR makes a ton of $$ on skins alone before mari’s shop
Why wouldn’t I want to capitalize on that a bit with like 2-3 different skins when there was a million peaked?

Even I’d fire whoever made that decision. Profits lost and failure to capitalize at the highest level.


Mentions sexy skins
Amazon: pushes the red nuke thread button


Maris shop is the only one where you can buy materials and this isn’t related in any way with skins.
And no, thank you, I like to buy cheap potions in Maris since ah and crafting is not worth it (edit: not yet).

The entire design of the game (pacing, content) is premised around scarcity of upgrade materials driving players to the materials shop. Cosmetics are a part of the mix, too, but not the core for this game. They don’t develop enough cosmetics to support that, for one thing – not along the lines of the cosmetics that are produced for games like Fortnite or Apex or PUBG or even LoL (LoL also sells champs, not just cosmetics).

The reality is that Lost Ark is selling progression, because it’s a progression-based game like all MMOs are. The online multiplayer PvP games are season-based games that aren’t selling progression at all – there is no real power progression apart from player skill, there is only cosmetic unlocks via power passes and so on. MMOs are different, they are about progression because there is a large stat element beyond skill.

Lost Ark would have had to have been designed from the ground-up differently in order to support a cosmetics-based economic model. The entire design of the game is around honing, which itself is, when relevant, a painfully slow process that begs to be sped up – it’s designed that way to drive shop sales for mats. If you were to get rid of Mari’s shop, the upgrades would slow down even more, unless you sped them up, and if you sped them up for current content you would quickly see that there isn’t enough of it to sustain that – the content is based around snail-paced upgrading, bypassed by a small number of whales and RMT. It’s the whole design of the game.

If you want to design an MMO around cosmetic sales, you make it B2P like GW2 or ESO, and then you either sell a freemium like ESO does or you sell a lot of utilities like GW2 does, as well as cosmetics on rotation. And you also charge people for new content, like both ESO and GW2 do. Really, content is king in MMOs. You can’t compare it to Fortnite or Apex or what have you, where content is cosmetics and every now and then you get a new map or maybe a new class.

Don’t forget Tera putting most costumes in loot boxes. Eso does this too for many mounts and costumes, as does (or did?) Swtor.

I don’t like it but it’s a common method to make ppl pay.

They are trying to exploit FOMO, same as they did in New World. This is the same reason they are trying to milk the whales and release Argos early. Along with the fact they sold THE WORST performing skin in KR first. They are trying to drip feed from worst to best with monthly timers to try to goad people into buying. The problem is that we have the KR/RU client to know what should or shouldn’t be there. They literally shot themselves in the foot.

Seems more like they are exploiting themselves with incompetence at this point.

The true Amazon way. The only thing that company cares about is money, and will do what ever it takes to make the money the easiest way possible. Their upper management is absolutely awful on every level.

Oh, I’m well aware about their “professional insecurity”. However, if this thread gets deleted it’s just another proof that they do not know anything about this market/videogame industry.



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You know that you could actually still buy potions there even if they have business model like that, right? That wouldn’t be affected, since potions are consumables.

It’s a well reasoned and critic post. That only means one thing. Deleting or hinding in 3, 2, 1…

The recently resigned head of AGS is not a gamer.

Not only did they only release one skin set, it looks like a Blizzard rip-off.

The only money I’ve spent in this game was a starter pack and a Vernese Elk. I won’t buy gear that’s going to be obsolete in a month or two. I’ll purchase nice skins because they’re basically evergreen.


True but I’d would also fire whoever suggested said FOMO model we got. If I have 20 skin options per class, releasing 3 can equally create FOMO. Its why other games out there slap a limited time thing then swap it out.

Bi weekly alternate if you have to.
Allowing the market to settle in between while taking advantage the average American gets a bi-weekly paycheck.

Lets say id plan this on the fly myself
Id have the class only skin, Omen and 1 Fomo skin they wont see again for months.
You could keep the class skin static.
Omen monthly swap,
Fomo skin biweekly alternate- let the market settle and ppl get new paycheks

Take your pick but there are options to capitalize and squeeze aplenty.

In business you always want a piece of that pie, that $$ profit
Its why you see a bunch of games trying battle royale once upon a time.
Its all about that piece of pie

Why should THIS be available when you actual want to remove mats?
You talk about mats, but is pretty clear it’s actual about the whole p2w/p2p policy which IS Maris Shop.
Skins aren’t related to Maris in any way. There is no AGS employee sitting and putting up Maris every rotation while thinking “no, I don’t have the time to put up skins too”.

And you could even consider LoL at least p2p since you can buy champs and runes with money. They aren’t an only skin example, as isn’t poe either.

I want skins too, but the delay of them isn’t connected with mats in any way.

Sorry if it sounds rude, it’s pretty difficult since english is not my mother tongue. I’m on your side for skins though >_<

People seem to clearly not understand …

They will never release all the skins… that is the silly thing to do from a business standpoint…

They will release skins in a limited fashion on a rotating basis… because that will make more money.

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That’s understable. Releasing only 1 set per month is not. One per two weeks would do the trick for me.

they dont need to rework the business model and i dont even think its possible, they just need to fix the current state of the game and bring all the QoL updates koreas received along the years, nobody cares if a whale gets 1500ilvl but people will care if that whale get access to the content before the rest of the playerbase(just like happened to argos).

1Million potential buyers, vs monthly waning playerbase. I would have rolled the dice with the 1.3M day one, vs 300k and dropping.