Lets talk matchmaking

On my bard, I get grouped with more supports then DPS in chaos dungeons, boss rushes and cube. Is there a reason for this? Then I play my alts Sharpshooter and Zerker. I get stuck with all DPS and not support, I wonder why but then I remember my bard gets an all support group.

i do MM on my Bard because i’m lazy and feel like DPS can clear it faster for me then i would do solo ( not really true tho if you switch skills its easy ) and i think most supports feel like that. they just dont want to solo it because it takes more afford then it would on a DPS

On boss rush and cube it is random

On chaos dungeons well, i guess less than 0.1% of dps players do it in group ? It’s a solo content anyway

Yeah I mean my DPS page I can clear it quite fast stage 1 I just go to the top and they all just funnel into my aoe abilities. I just prefer to play in a group, but even boss rushes is this still more viable solo?

Bad group rng. I played bard for a month or 2 and didn’t meet a lot of bards in matchmaking

Bard with Death hymn has one of the fastest Chaos clears in the game.

Grouping takes longer on literally every class.

Players that are high up there like 1400ish can 1 shot bosses in boss rush so i guess most just dont bother with groups and supports end up with each other.

Maybe thats why chaos queues can be longer then any other content lol

lol ive had this happen ALOT. ill get all bard teams in chaos