Level complete pack (lvl. 50)

I bought a level complete pack (lvl. 50) and after i claimed the lvl 10 reward (520 crystals) it just desapeared from my inventory.
I only claimed 520 out of 2600 crystals wich is the total this pack gives.
Already checked mail and pet inv. and i cant find it anywhere
Can i get some help?

I am having the same issue! I bought it early on, got the lvl 10 rewards, hit lvl 20 yesterday and went looking for the chest today. I checked all my characters, my pets, the bank/storage guy. It’s just gone! I hope they will address this…20$ is 20$.

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yea… i actually contacted the lost ark support and they filled a ticket for me! Its been like 5 days and i have not get any awnser or refund of any type.
20$ is indeed 20$.