Level Complete Pack question regarding levels

Hello, not sure this is the right place but didn’t find a category for Help/Questions, so could someone tell me if the Level complete pack still gives me chests for level 10/20 etc… even if i buy it at lvl 30 already? Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

I just bought it. Yes you get all chests.
First you get the level 10 chest which contains the box of gems and the Lvl 20 chest.
The level 20 chest then again has a box of gems and the level 30 chest and so on.


thank you a lot, gonna get it then :slight_smile:

will it work with power pass>?

it should, but you can just buy it in your main if it’s 50 already and open all of it

is the level completion pack (Lv.50) a weekly or one-time purchase?

One-time purchase.