Leveling a Scrapper, any tips?

Really digging it so far, just want a few pointers for skill preferences for good resource regen.

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I dont use guides since often they are not really accurate^^

But i have quiet a lot experience with Scrapper and just quoting this here:

There is no “that build” which is the best for pve/pvp but there are seriously important skills which you need for pve/pvp.

For PvE:

  • Needed for many boss mechanics and obviously to get close to your enemies as fast as possible.


  • This skill is insane, unavoidable for bosses(especially with it´s +300% damage perk) and quick gameplay/dps and also essential for pvp. With the right perk it also dashes a decent distance.


  • DPS combo skill, if you want to have the best dps skill combos this is an essential part. Also has a 150% damage boost on last hit for bosses.


  • Quick, low CD, high damage and 2x repeatable/2 stacks. Most important skill.


  • VERY important for group content with it´s impairment buff perk. A lot of group contents have impairment wipe mechanics so this is very helpful to make you and your group hit with higher impairment damage.

Everything else is really up to you and what you like/prefer to play with.

I don´t even have any class engraving in eu yet(i played Lost Ark RU up to T3 before) and i don´t have any problems with stamina/shock using those skills, dragons ascend, fury fists and rising fist.

As for engravings, i was unsure for quiet some time but now i think those are good Scrapper engravings:

  • Attack/damage scaling with movement speed(~Blitzcommander)
  • Attackspeed + Movement speed(~Spiritabsorbtion)
  • Damage up with 80% or more HP(~Solid State)
  • The rest goes into Shocktraining/Taijutsu

Back and front damage engravings are not really viable for endgame content, maybe for guardian raids but for a lot of bosses in abyssal dungeons etc it´s hard to attack from back especially for longer. if you still have space for more than 4 engravings(i doubt it however), sure, go fo back attack.

Your main bonus stats are crit and agility obviously, maybe shock damage increase(speciality was it i think) after you reached a cap on crit/agility.


maxroll.gg has all the resources you need, but personally I’d suggest playing something else as scrapper has been one of the weakest classes for quite a while

may i ask why? i hear about she is really balanced with high impact damage and really needed in higher dung and raids

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It´s propably considered weak because it has not the best aoes and even in their main purpose, single target damage/boss killer they aren´t the best.

Scrapper is the typical allrounder which is the best in nothing but it´s one of the classes who get their balance/revamp first^^

Scrapper is still important for impairment though, i´m not sure how other classes like Gunlancer do here but i have the feeling that with it´s impairment buff for group and self so it´s high impairment Scrapper is the best impairment class. But when people talk about class tiers its mainly about dps…

However, there is one thing they are definitely the best in: jumping like a yoyo all the time on bosses/mobility.

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thanks a lot, appreciate the details!