Leveling BOTs, Speed Hacks and Gold Farmers/Sellers

I stand in one place and there are almost 100 BOTs “zipping” around using auto leveling software and speed hacks. Isn’t there supposed to be anti-cheat software in the game? Now a release tomorrow and not a word about what is being done.

I really like this game. I’ve played almost 200 hours and was hooked. I’m getting to the point that I’m thinking about about quitting because the BOTs are ruining the game. The ability to get gold was nerfed so it seems that the gold farmers declared war on Lost Ark.

Please Devs/CSRs do something? I quit reporting these guys because I after 1000 BOTs in my block list most were still running around. If you guys were more responsive to the reports you could make a dent but it is becoming evident that you just don’t care unless it starts cutting into your ability to make money…thus why I’m leaning towards quiting. I bet I’m not alone

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