Levi´s Letter, {70% reward Feiton}

Hello, I need help. I cannot start the quest mentioned in the title. It says that I have not done prereq. for this quest. However, I have completed every quest in every zone and I am 75% done in Adventurers Tome. I don’t know what to do.

you need to have completed “The Last Melody of Requiem” is a set of time gated quests, it takes about 4 days to complete all the quests, look at the yellow quests around the map


I completed that quest but I am still unable to use the scroll.


I just verified this… you have to complete The Last Melody of a Requiem on that character to accept the tome reward quest.
I initially completed it on my Bard, but my Sorc couldn’t accept the tome reward quest until I completed the entire chain and the purple quest on the Sorc.

Im quite positive I initially did it on my artillerist, and when on my artillerist, I dont see a single yellow or purple quest anywhere in any location in Feiton. I have gone back several times on multiple days.

I think it may be bugged

I can confirm that you have to use the item on the character that completed the quest. I couldn’t select it with my Paladin or Sharpshooter but I could with my Glaivier.