LF 2 Supports for Vykas Static (run on patch drop)

Our juiced group is looking for 2 more supports to join us. We cleared Valtan HM at ilvl on patch drop and looking to do the same for Vykas. Trying to run as soon as servers come up when patch drops cos we’re all hyped then transition to 10PM EST runs afterward.

Current group composition (all ilvl 1465-1480 with lvl 7+ gems and juiced setups):

  • Wardancer
  • Sorc
  • Destroyer
  • Glavier
  • Striker
  • Artillerist
    → open support spot
    → open support spot

please apply here if interested or shoot me a message on discord

I know ur post has been up for awhile do u still need supports I’m 1464 bard

vacillate#5305 Discord

sent you a friend request