LF Guild on Galatur

Hey, I’m a Berserker looking for a Hardcore Guild on server Galatur, I’m PvE focused and looking for a Guild that aims to grind hard until end game. I’m currently ilvl 993, i work 7 days on. And then have 7 days off. So I only work half the month and even the days I work I play 3-5 hours when I get home. I currently have 90+ hours played (but had to remake at level 32 cause of the main quest bug)

I have two alts (both Berserker as well) reason I have 3 Zerker is cause I want to be able to share my Gems, Engravings and ect with my alts when i get them all T3

If any guilds who have lots of 802+ people would like to have me. Send me a message please and thanks!