LF new guild, details inside (2 people) (Una, US EAST)

Hi everyone! I am seeking a new guild to run with here on Una server, for me and my SO.
I’m posting here to look for prospects for us. If anyone recruiting could give us more details here, it would help us immensely. Here’s a small bit about us and what we’re seeking:

  • We are 1360+ gear score.
  • We contribute daily in every category.
  • Preferably have a discord server and a good community. (being a big guild isn’t super important! Just have activity and inclusion!)
    *PvE-centric is best for us. We don’t care much for PVP without purpose.
    *Please don’t have a stupid or silly guild name. We prefer something more serious.
    We will message you in game if your guild seems interesting to us, for more questions or more information. Thank you for your time, hope to see what’s out there soon. :slight_smile: