Liebeheim Questline Bug

So i finished the Quests “The Light of Love” and “A Good Day to Love”, i have the /shy Emote and remember starting the third “Fatal Attraction”, which tells me to use the new emote. I do not have that Quest in my Journal anymore, nor can i accept it again. I am not able to finish/restart the Quest in order to get the Song “Serenade of Love”.

I finished the Quest “The Light of Love” & “A Good Day to Love” on Liebeheim, then i abandoned the next step called “Fatal Attraction”. Now i went back to Liebeheim to pick the quest back up from Zenri (had to delete it since i needed to clear out the quest log {20 quests max.]) and she has no quest for me. Anyone got an Idea?

Cheers Rakzah

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have the same problem

Hi I have the problem that after I finished The Light of Love I cant even start A Good Day to Love quest. No npc no quest nothing. Tried based on guides on internet. The npc gives me 0quest. Kadan server.

Have the same issue, was this sorted out?