Lies, lies everywhere

you went above and beyond to blackface shadowhunter to make it “easier to see her”… but if you actually cared about pvp you would have fixed the fucked up leaderboard months ago

Xveno NOBOY care about PVP dude! ITS a PVE game sorry but its true :frowning:


If pvp was better people would care more about the game. I prefer pvp over pve for example and it being shit would give me 1 less reason to play. Equalized pvp is the best way to keep a game alive without having to spend a shitload on constant updates.

well, considering that there are at least 5000 active people on the leaderboard (euc only), and probably a bit more than that playing unranked pvp, together with the daily 100k active players (across all servers), I would say that a big portion of the player base does care about pvp

Thats the point lol…

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wtf who are u to decide its a PvE and not PvP game?
Flagged yer comment.

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And AGS pretty much spent all those effort in vain just to make SH easier to be recognised in a mode where no one cares or do much kekw

There’s PVP??


Seemow its NOT ME hahahahah
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Copium in it’s purest form

pretty much this…

you can either play SH, bard, pally and get EASSSSYYY gm …this game is solely PvE with PvP thrown in to shut up ‘‘PKers’’ really…

i played PvP for a month and got masters with little to no effort as SH then tried bard+pally for a total of a month the next season…got master again…so broken…with randoms at that…

Poor Weenry looks like he got the shit end of this stick.

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