Life after 1370+

I am really sad. T3 until 1370 was slow but steady progress with my two alts at 1325. But now at 1370 it feels like no progress. Gear for honing is only from Abyss and Argos.
I killed Argos and was crushed he gives 800 gold only less then 1325 Abyss, AGS really have to hate us and wants us milk us hard.

Now I need 1385 for honing buff for alts from stronghold, but the resources for honing are even worse then 1340. Anyway the income from Night fox Yoho is 3 great leapstones per kill, which is joke.

I feel like the vibe of the fast progress is gone forever. It will take weeks to even make 1385, events doesn’t even offer great leapstones as rewards.

Sorry for the rant, i survived dead zone, I though it will be worse experience with the game but after 1370 its even worse, the sense of progression is gone.

Its so sad how game was great at T1 and T2 and how is getting worse and worse at T3.

I have 6 alts, so I have things to do, but playing with just one main I would probably quit at this stage.

You have finish lost ark for now, good job.



This is a permanent progression game, so it has to get slower and slower.

I mean, if it kept the pace of T1/T2, you would now be at 1415+, and have absolutely nothing to do progression-wise than to wait for an expansion.

Imho we just miss so much more content to do, thats the main problem.
I still love the game, will continue play alts and waiting for Valtan.

What progression you want?
You mean total of 30 min actual gameplay in a week?

This game’s entire end game content is “make more alts!”

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Oh, absolutely, but after the uproar that adding Argos caused, we aren’t getting anything more in terms of progression content any time soon.

Sucks but, well, it is what it is.

The two catchup event NPCs, Grand Prix and Event Raid Guardians give a ton of Mats, not to mention guild Sylmael npc, make sure to push guild shop to 3 + , guild should be lvl 6 or 7

Wandering travelling merchant ships, Chaos, Raids, Abyss Dungeons,

Majority of the progression is going to come from Weekly resets

Make sure to do the Kadan story line for more mats too and a cool ass cutscene at the end

Anguish Dailies, Adventure tomes,

Theres literally so much to do to strengthen your char asides from just iLevel,

Get all your skill points, at least 80% your adventure tomes, rapport important NPCs such as Nia, any NPC with giant hearts for all the skill points, stat boosts, Azena for Crit potion, theres just so much.

Only thing that feels tight is getting good accessories for 3 - 4 solid end game engravings and Greater honor leapstones.

Edit - and the new PVP npc gives a ton of materials too

Today is like top, no ghost ship, no chaos gate and no field bosses.

That’s every Wednesday on every level.

What did you expect? Some hidden content?

You knew there’s just one extra guardian and Argos at 1370+, it’s not like things were hidden from you.

And you’re lying about the mats required for 1385. It’s actually really easy to get 1370-1385 in less than a week. Everything after that is a bonus.

Get your accessories and engravings sorted out, get 1385 and start preparing for Valtan, be happy you got few extra weeks ahaed of most people.


For leap stones ive been using garden of dispair weekly for the chest and converting them. The previous abyssal gear materials used to be able to be salvaged for leaps stones but amazon removed that

Actually are you doing the daily una quests which give you great leapstones? I got 1370 friday and I’m already 1382. In the reset I’ll be able to go abyss hard mode again and get my final piece and +8 is to get 1385 easily.
Everyone in my guild are not having any issues, you just gotta do every source of leapstones daily.

Me after reaching 1370+:
“Why everything is so damn expensive here???!!”

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Did you think you would just keep cruising to 10,000 gear score? Did you not realize there would be a softcap/cap? wtf is this post lmao

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Fashion is the true endgame of mmos…
What do you mean there’s almost no skins? oh… oh no.

1370-1385 is significantly easier than even 1365-1370. You might even have enough Great Honor Leapstones already from boss rush tickets, or if you don’t, you get a good amount daily from guardians + Una’s tasks. The real blocker to hitting 1385 isn’t the mats, it’s the fact that you get 3 legendary gear from Oreha hard and 2 from Argos, and you need an extra week to get your last piece. If you already did Oreha this week, you can’t get your chosen piece until next reset.

The real block is that I’m going to try and enter P1-P3 Argos raid as 1384 because I don’t want to waste gold and Oreha currency on crafting a piece that I’ll change for Argos armor right away. :grinning:

Might work since I’m a support.

dude, yuour post makes no sense whatsoever. its like you got from 1370 to 1385 withtout experiencing 1340 to 1370.

1370 to 1385 is easy. The rewards from 1370 content are miles ahead of pre 1370. You have chaos dungeon actually starting to drop some shit, oreha hard and p1-p2 argos letting you make a decent build without spending peons.

Seems like you and i are playing diferent games. I have heavy critics for the launch and current state of the game. Amazon and SG screwed a lot, but… 1370+ i have no issues with, yet.

Dude, what the fuck. :smiley:
Quit thinking of this game as of non-ending progression. Or at least not at the speed of T1/T2.

I prefer to think of it more like Diablo 2 where u finish your content in like the first 2-3 days of regular playing. Then it is a matter of constant grinding. To mitigate the depression caused by monotonous farming you make other characters and farm the same locations over and over again. You try different builds, switching around skills, trying soloing lower ilvl content, or focusing on adventure stuff. (Diablo 2 does not even have an adventure, collectibles, or some horizontal content). And yet there is a 20+ years old loving community, still grinding to this day. More than 11 years of not a single update/content/patch/ or mechanic tweak to change the game. Being part of that community, we did not whine at all. We kept coming back for the same grind.

I played LA for two weeks straight 10+ hours a day and then started going back to work (quarantined if you might ask), and then went for 1-3 hours/day. Now I am at 1554 with two alts in T1 and T2 each. And I am mostly happy, excited for new content and new characters, trying different takes at this game. Went for Adventure tome, went for islands, went for dailies.

You are right, though. At times it feels like you have to push and farm more and depression kicks in, but at the same time, I was furious that I couldn’t enjoy my fresh legendary set with 15% crit bonus at T2 and my min-maxed lvl 3 engravings for a bit… because you know… T3 in a few days. I would rather stop for a while at the end of T2 just to enjoy my set. And then putting all the effort and joy back to square 1 when transitioning to T3.

So back to your situation. You now have the opportunity to start investing in your build. To be more specific, engravings should be 333+1/2. You can now start min-maxing your character. Sitting in mid T3, I can say that I feel my character much weaker cuz I don’t want to invest in jewelry and engravings cuz in a week or two I will hit 1370 and then have to redo my jewelry… and you know gold is scarce as F2P…

You better start reconsidering the entirety of the game right now.