Life of a support player

First week of Valtan and Argos came out- Supports come we need you so badly

Succeeding weeks- LF Argos and valtan members bus no supports allowed.

Now you are telling us why we are getting tired of maining supports?

How supports are treated.

They will just use you and Lose you.

So if you treat us like tools, then it is morally right that you pay us the right amount for the runs that you use us(tools) for the utility we give you.

What are the other downsides of having a support as a main other than this? I am pretty sure there is a lot.


One of the downside of being a support player is to have a great sense of entitlement. Either reroll or quit, no one force you to play support


Get lost. Lol. Supports are not needed for the current content. Get used to it. If you want to get in a party as support, pay up.


Then he picks up a DPS and realizes you sit in lobby queue for 20 minutes just to get kicked once a whale of your class signs up with +20 ilvl and x12 books on him. :rofl:


No support allowed :rage:

You know what will happen if it’s like that. You will no longer be able to play raids as support. Because everyone will boycott them. People will have to learn to be better at raiding

The first week of raids is where support will be the bus driver for grudge floor pov people as they literally will save you tons of gold from making you use 0 pots to learn the mechanics. Not talking about time

Now when you guys get the hang of it and over ilevel. thats when you start bussing and ignore us. So we just earn money at different stages of a raid release

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Supports are the main pillar of this game, DPS are fillers and any of them are good for the job.


Everything after vykas nm most of the population will need a support and those who think they dont and opt for a 8th dps are running sub optimal. A paladin does more as a final slot than any dps class in the game.

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As a paladin main, there’s nothing fucking worse than bad supports constantly complaining about how they’re struggling instead of asking for advice.

It’s not the role, it’s just that you’re bad. Play something else if you don’t like it.

And this guy that created the topic is the worst of them all, tbh.
I’ve had him ignored for months, just the topic title is enough for me, don’t even have to open his post that’s not visible.


worse supports that finished vykass hard in 1 day? yeah right thats a worse support

Is that supposed to be an accomplishment? I finished all 3 gates in 4h with noone who played on other regions before.

Don’t see me bragging about it.

You’re clueless.

Join a guild & (or) make friends.

Imagine maining suppots KEKW

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bro we always find groups we’re such in a good position

Sniff true story, I told some supports that they are the ones that needed me they said they don’t…

This is how greedy dps are

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Biggest downside of playing support is finding parties for end game content in 0 sec
Taking 0 damage so never having to use potions. and BiS gear costing 10x less then dps classes.
Oh wait

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Maining supports is gimping yourself for all content in the game except pugging new content LOL. You gotta take longer, find groups for stuff other people solo, pay for bus instead of getting paid, and all the DPS get to cry about every little boo-boo they come across in the game and think they are all superior human beings for doing damage with the buttons they press, their superiority complex is clearly evident in what many DPS players here say.

Guess what you gotta do to solve your issues as DPS? It’s simple just join a static and all of the 1 singular problem you have is instantly solved.

The choice is clear, I will be switching to DPS. Support main is actually just a terrible, terrible idea.