Life on the Farm - Help Please

Hello Arkesians!

What a ride so far, huh?!?!

I’m just getting deeper into the Stronghold mechanics, specifically, harvesting resources from my Farm.

I’ve noticed a decrease in my work energy and yet, no increase in Trade Skill XP?

I take it this is intended but, I’m not really sure why. Is there a good explanation for this somewhere? I suppose its reasonable since the items crafted from Farm resources appear to yield more of the desired craft items???

Not entirely sure of why the loss of Work Energy and no XP gain. Furthermore, why would it benefit me to work on my Farm and forgo the valuable XP gain in my Trade Skills?

If anyone knows whats up, lemme in on it yo!

Interesting, I got my farm yesterday and I haven’t looked that closely as it was late already. Maybe its like that because its free ressources that are not contested from others, so they give no xp?

Yeah, you definitely get less XP harvesting your stronghold farm (makes sense as you have super easy access to it) and the mats you get are different as well which seem to be for crafting Battle items etc.

I’m not entirely sure either. If XP is being given on the Farm, it is unnoticeable at my current Trade Skill lvls (+15 on all).

I also haven’t worked out whether more/less/or the same Work Energy is being used for equivalent tasks off the Farm.

Either way, I’m sure the rationale is valid to some extent. I suppose there is a level cap on Trade Skills? Again, not certain, but if that assumption is correct, at some point, its not really gonna matter where we farm mats for craft items.

The main difference, or so it seems, is that crafting with Farm resources yields a box of battle items of your choice, while crafting with resources found throughout the world yields a few battle items that you select from the recipe you input, instead of choosing after.

I’m replenishing my Work Energy currently so, I’ll run some more tests and see if anything else pertinent to the conversation comes up.